The Walking Dead Season 7 Speculations: Who Will Kill Negan?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale brought down the curtain with the big question, “Who did Negan kill?” And that cliffhanger ending had many fans theorizing on who the unfortunate recipient of Negan’s beating might be. For months, different versions of the Negan kill theories emerged. Some hit the spot, and others…well…not so close.

Then came The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 1, and it proved to be worth the wait because of the drama and intensity it brought to the small screen. And again, Season 7 premiere became the buzz on many media platforms. Now, AMC’s hit zombie series is yet again in the limelight for another stirring question, “Who will kill Negan?”

Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa

Eugene may have lied about being a scientist and may not possess survival skills, but he is a tactician. He has the potential to create a device that may bring down Negan. Spoilers suggest that the music device that Eugene is working on might after all be a spying device.

The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 4’s end saw Rosita knocking on Eugene’s door and telling him to “Make me a bullet.” The next episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7 may see these two teaming up. The death of Abraham has set Rosita’s heart on fire, and she is out to get her revenge.

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon

At the church, Rick gave his speech and told the people of Alexandria, “I’m not in charge anymore. Negan is.” But this, as spoilers claim, is just part of Rick’s big plan. He wants to get the Alexandrians to abide by the rules so he can secretly work out a strategy to assassinate Negan. Who can say he did not mean it when he told Negan, “I’m gonna kill you, not today, not tomorrow, but I’m gonna kill you.”

But he is not alone in this. It is said that Daryl has been sending signals to Rick through Morse code, as noticed from the excessive blinking of his eye on episode 4 of The Walking Dead Season 7.

It is likewise possible that with the feeling of guilt he has for causing Glenn’s death, Daryl will be the one to avenge his friend’s killing. He is the only Alexandrian who has been in the Sanctuary and the only one who knows their inner workings. He could already be in the works to take Negan down and is only waiting for the right time to implement his plan.

Maggie Rhee and Sasha Williams

Their close connection to the deceased may cause these two to formulate a plot against Negan. Sasha has sought Jesus’ help to locate where Negan lives. And Maggie, after eventually having her baby and regaining her strength, is claimed to build and lead an army to kill Negan.

Michonne, Carl Grimes, Jesus

Michonne is seen practicing her skills with the sniper rifle. When Rick learned what she has been doing, Rick tells her, “This is our life now.” But Carl believes otherwise. Carl tells Michonne that his dad is wrong and she knows it. Michonne follows what Rick says, but it may happen that upon learning that Carl is gone, she goes after him and takes matters in her own hands.

Carl, at this point, sets his way to the Sanctuary. He travels to the Hilltop (with Enid) and jumps in a truck that is headed the Saviors’ location. This is the same truck that Jesus boarded to track down where Negan lives. The tandem may attempt to even the score and succeed to obliterate Negan.

Many others may be probable assassins of Negan. One of them is King Ezekiel, who has been missing in action and was seen only in one episode of The Walking Dead Season 7. The show may be saving his character for some important part later on. And there is Father Gabriel, who seems to have adapted some skills with the gun and had his first human kill with the use of a rifle back in the satellite station.

Among the Saviors, fingers can be pointed to Dwight, who seems to be turning against Negan gradually. After losing his wife to Negan, his sister and half of his face, he could be the one devising an attack against Negan. The Savior’s leader trusts him. He can use that to his advantage and execute his revenge.

Photo: Facebook/The Walking Dead