Underworld: Blood Wars Review – Kate Beckinsale as Selene Never Lets Down Fans

With the three-year interval of releases of the Underworld franchise, here comes the much awaited fifth installment, Underworld: Blood Wars, this year. Kate Beckinsale is back to reprise her role as Selene, a Death Dealer.

Kate Beckinsale plays again her iconic role of Selene, a Death Dealer who has gone rogue. She is pursued both by her own coven and the Lycans. It can be recalled that she has fallen for a man who became a hybrid, Michael Corvin, and killed an elder who she thought was her savior.

In the previous installment, Underworld: Awakening, it showed that she has a daughter, Eve, with Michael who does not want to have anything to do with her – thus, their separation. However, it is revealed that only the blood of her daughter could end the war between Lycans and vampires.

Kate Beckinsale’s role as Selene in this new installment, Underworld: Blood Wars, never lets down the fans. She has never aged a day like her role as a vampire. Also, she still got the moves when it comes to fighting sequences.

With Theo James (The Divergent series) as David, the two of them join forces for the film and make it more interesting than ever. The twist of the story in the end is also an unexpected one when she came back to life more powerful than ever.

The only missing in the story is her daughter Eve, who appeared in the end. However, this does not make the fifth installment fall short in terms of the flow of the story. Therefore, fans are going to wait and look forward to another sequel to the Underworld franchise.

Other actors who give life to the film are Tobias Menzies (Outlander) as Marius, Lara Pulver (Da Vinci’s Demons) as Semira and Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) as Vampire Elder Thomas, David’s father, among others.

Underworld: Blood Wars is still showing in theaters. Meanwhile, follow this link for the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKHL5PyAPzs

Photo source: YouTube/Underworld: Blood Wars


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