Trip to Bucharest, Romania: Hotel Basarab Review

During my trip to Bucharest Romania, I stayed in Hotel Basarab for three days and three nights. At first, my impression of the hotel is that it is quite, clean and the receptionists are hospitable. However, here are my observations about the hotel.


1. When it was during sleeping hours, I could hear some banging on the door and walls — not that loud actually but enough to be a disturbance especially for light sleepers. I then realized that the walls were only made up of wood, not cement. Therefore, it was a bit bothersome.

I tried to reflect why it was noisy from time to time. I found out that next to my room was some kind of a stock room where the receptionists and other employees would get some things from there and hence the banging of the door and walls.

So if you wish to book a room at Hotel Basarab, avoid using the room next to the stock room, which is just next to the reception area. (It is Room No. 6 to be exact.)

2. The heater was not on during my third night. However, I did not pursue this concern since the cold was tolerable with the use of the blanket.


1. On a lighter note, the receptionists are quiet helpful and friendly. They would get me a taxi if I ask them to, they would give directions if I needed some, they would try to produce things that you ask like water even though it is past closing hours of the hotel’s restaurant and such.

2. It is just a couple of blocks away from the Bucharest North Train Station, merely a walking distance. So you can save some money for the taxi.

3. The dishes served in the hotel’s restaurant are affordable and the prices are lower. When you compare them to McDonald’s cup of hot choco, the latter has almost the same price equivalent to one dish.

4. The food is great!

fish fillet and rice with veggies

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I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.
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Amber McLean

I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.