Tomorrow With You Episode 15 Spoiler, Theory: So Joon Stabbed by Yong Jin; Ma Rin Looks for him

In Tomorrow With You episode 15, So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) will be in danger as Yong Jin stabbed him. On the other hand, Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is looking for him everywhere.

With Yong Jin so desperate to hide his evil crimes from the authorities, he has his eyes set on destroying So Joon. After he learns the time traveler’s secret, he is bent on ruining him for good before his planned escape to Vietnam.

However, since So Joon already learns about the truth of what is going to happen in the future, he is also trying to do his best to stop it from happening. Therefore, when Yong Jin kidnaps Ma Rin, as seen in episode 15 teaser, So Joon is angrily demanding where the former director is hiding. Even Ma Rin’s father is also devastated by the turn of events.

Afterwards, the promo shows Yong Jin and So Joon fighting aboard the train. But somehow, the former gets the chance to stab him. Meanwhile, Ma Rin is also seen aboard the train, looking desperately for her husband.

She waits by the stairs and she cries while looking at the people passing by. Will she be able to find her husband? If she does, perhaps he is badly hurt.

Later on, as promo of the penultimate episode of Tomorrow With You is drawing to a close, the couple is seen happy together in their home. It apparently shows that in the end, the two are going to get through all the hurdles in their lives. Moreover, it could be a hint that in the last episode, the two are going to live happily even though they are fated to die. Otherwise, they are going to get through it altogether by changing their future.

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Photo source: Facebook/Tomorrow With You

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