Tomorrow With You Episode 4 Spoiler, Prediction: So Joon Fades Away? He Asks Ma Rin to Marry Him

In Tomorrow With You episode 4, it will show how Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) will fade away. However, he would still be alive somehow. It might be because of Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah).

Meanwhile, the episode 4 teaser shows So Joon stopping Ma Rin from leaving. He holds her hand, while his voice is in the background, saying “All I can remember is that she said to me ‘don’t leave’.” In episode 3, while he is at the scene of the accident, Ma Rin begged him to not leave her. However, she is taken away by the rescuers so she could be taken to the hospital.

Afterward, So Joon is seen lying on the train track. Perhaps he is trying to get back to his present time as the train was already about to leave when he got to the station. He might just try to cross where the train exploded in 2009. In episode 3, he is seen fading away as his future self is dead.

Next scene showed is two hands, Ma Rin’s and So Joon’s. He is putting a ring on her finger. He is heard saying that they must be fated. However, the next scene showed that Ma Rin doesn’t want to believe it. Then she walks away from him.

Later on, Ma Rin’s mother is shown with So Joon. He gave her his name card to let her know who he is. He said that he is the CEO. Most likely, Ma Rin’s mother will be impressed with him even though his age is too young for a CEO. That is, if she is not being suspicious of him and his intentions to her daughter.

Ma Rin and So Joon are then seen individually in Tomorrow With You episode 4 teaser. Each of them was holding a paper. Later, So Joon is seen wearing his groom suit. Perhaps the two of them have already agreed to marry.

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Photo source: Facebook/Tomorrow with You

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