Tomorrow With You Episode 3 Spoiler, Prediction: So Joon Sees Ma Rin in Different Light, Makes up his Mind in Saving her

In Tomorrow With You episode 3, Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) will see Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) in a different light. Following on what he has discovered about their fate, he would feel something more like a connection to her.

In episode 2, when So Joon went to the future, he discovered through a report that Ma Rin was one of the survivors of the train explosion that happened in the year 2009. It was then that he remembered that she was the one who saved him then. If it were not for her, he would have been dead, together with his parents.

In Tomorrow With You episode 3 promo, So Joon asks her if she were one of the survivors of the accident seven years ago. She would either tell him the truth or not in the next episode. Perhaps, she would also like to know why he asks her about it. However, he would not tell her the reason behind it.

Then, someone says that he thinks So Joon and Mi Ran have an incredible fate. This is most likely So Joon’s fellow time traveler.

Later, Mi Ran is seen talking to So Joon’s picture. She says that she would not fall for him no matter what he does. But viewers already have an idea that she would eventually fall for him, sooner or later.

The episode 3 promo also shows the accident that is going to happen in the future. So Joon is heard saying that exactly 10 years after the train explosion, the two of them would die together. In the background, someone suggested for them to have a child. Perhaps it would change their destiny if they have one.

Meanwhile, So Joon is looking at Mi Ran’s photo. He said she is cute after she asks how it looks. Perhaps she is going to use it to apply for a job. She definitely cares about what he thinks of the picture.

Then Mi Ran asks herself why he is acting like it toward her. She is shown lying in her bed. It seems that she is confused of the way their relationship is heading to somewhere. In episode 2, he acted like he did not know her, as he wanted to end things between them even after he saved her life in episode 1. However, Ma Rin would never know So Joon’s reason why his attitude changes toward her.

Before the episode 3 promo of Tomorrow With You ended, it shows Mi Ran in a stretcher after the accident in the future. So Joon watches as she is carried away and promises himself to save her from it.

Watch Tomorrow With You every Friday and Saturday on tvN at 8 p.m. KST. Episode 3 will air on Feb. 10.

Photo source: Facebook/Tomorrow With You


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