The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 7 Recap, Review: Shim Chung Meets Fellow Mermaid; Heo Joon Jae Gets Jealous

The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 7 showed more unexpected things that can happen in the series.

Episode 7 opened up with Dam Ryeong looking for Se Hwa, while she was waiting for him in the cave where his friend left her. However, bad men came for her. Meanwhile, Dam Ryeong saw his friend at the bottom of the cliff, looking dead. Dam then Ryeong brought his friend to a local doctor, from whom he learned that after he fell from the cliff, he was beaten badly.

Meanwhile, as magistrate, Dam Ryeong talked to the rich lord who was after the mermaid. He told the latter that he was the one who poisoned the dead man found by the shore. This happening was in the latter’s plan to spread false rumors that the mermaid was the one who killed the man.

Back to the present, the much-awaited part was when Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) asked Shim Chung (Jun Ji-Hyun) to say “I love you.” However, some things got between them about love and what it meant and who said it to her. But when she finally said it, he ignored her.

Later, he asked if she told someone “I love you,” which she admitted, thinking about him when they were still in Spain. He got annoyed.

The next day, Shim Chung while taking more clothes at the disposal area helped her little friend from little bullies. However, the mother of the bully girl came and asked her why she threatened the latter’s daughter. Then she walked away with her little friend after telling her that her skin was not treated in Seoul but far away.

When Shim Chung was about to dive into the water, a man stopped her — only to realize that he was also male mermaid. They talked and taught her some things like their tears of pearls can be used in the human world, where they cost a lot. Then he helped her do a makeover since he understood that she came to the land to be with a guy she loved.

Shim Chung came back to Heo Joon Jae’s home, with her new male friend, whom Joon Jae was clearly threatened with. He thought he was her love interest that they talked about. The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 7 closed with Shim Chung being a mermaid in Joon Jae’s pool and he was about to walk in.

According to TNmS Ratings, The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 7 garnered 15.8 percent nationwide and 18.1 percent Seoul National Capital Area ratings. On the other hand, AGB Nielsen released that it gathered 17.4 percent nationwide and 19.2 percent Seoul National Capital Area ratings.

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Photo source: Facebook/Jun Ji-Hyun


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