The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 6 Recap, Review: Shim Chung, Heo Joon Jae Save the Day

In the last episode of The Legend of the Blue Sea, episode 5, Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) starts to care about Shim Chung (Jun Ji-Hyun). While he was waiting for her at the Namsan Tower, he had no idea that she had been hit by a car.

In The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 6, it opened in the Joseon Dynasty when the concubine of the rich lord (Sung Dong-Il) searched for the mermaid in the magistrate’s home. Meanwhile, the magistrate was away so his friend took the mermaid out of the house and went to cave. She was left there while the magistrate’s friend tried to get back and tell him where she is. However, he met the bad men and fell to the cliff.

In the present day, Joon Jae realized that Shim Chung was not going to come. On his way back, he found the littered flyers that she had with her earlier and also found the cell phone he gave her.

He looked for her until he found her in a hospital, dying. He shouted at the nurse and when she found out her low temperature and her vitals slowed down, the doctor then performed CPR. Just when she was about to expire, Joon Jae held her hand tightly. Slowly, she opened her eyes and told him that he saved her by holding her hand.

Shim Chung was happy that he was worried about her. Meanwhile, Joon Jae asked Tae Ho to make a fake ID for her.

Joon Jae met his step-brother and they had an argument. A flashback was seen between them, fighting as the latter broke his precious picture frame with a picture of him and his mother. His father took his step-brother’s side and even takes him to the hospital when he saw the cut on Chi-Hyun’s arm and did not notice his own son’s cut.

Meanwhile, the hospital’s chief was scolding the guard because a lady was standing in the vicinity with a placard, asking for justice and explanation why her daughter died. Shim Chung was around and saw that the chief was maltreating the guard on his knees. Therefore, she kicked the chief that sent him flying. The chief then threatened to sue her.

Upon learning this, Joon Jae wanted to give the chief some lesson through blackmail, which resulted to the latter asking for forgiveness from the guard as well as to the lady who lost her daughter during a surgery malpractice.

Then Shim Chung was taken by Joon Jae to a ski resort, where he confessed that there was something that he wanted to hear from her, the sound of her “I love you.”

According to TNmS Ratings, The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 6 garnered 18.1 percent nationwide and 20.2 percent in Seoul National Capital Area ratings. On the other hand, AGB Nielsen released that it gathered 18.9 percent nationwide and 22.1 percent in Seoul National Capital Area ratings.

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Photo source: YouTube/The Legend of the Blue Sea


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