The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 5 Recap, Review: Heo Joon Jae Cares about Shim Chung

In The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 5, Shim Chung (Jun Ji-Hyun) was in an imminent danger. However, Heo Joon Jae came to stop Ma Dae-Young (Sung Dong-Il).

The police chased Heo Joon Jae for breaking through the police check point just to get to Shim Chung. He felt that she was in danger as she was alone in his house. Joon Jae met Ma Dae-Young but he couldn’t see his face because of the umbrella. He questioned why he was there and told him he didn’t look like the police because the latter did not carry a badge or a radio. Then the police came and the murder was forced to get away from there.

Joon Jae then pretended that he was in hurry to get to his scaredy girlfriend Shim Chung, as he reasoned out to the police for breaking through the police barricade. His ID was taken and he was fined for breaking the law.

Therefore, it was only her and him in his house. Shim Chung was happy about it. The next morning, however, Cha Si-Ah (Shin Hye-Sun) came over to the house to see Joon Jae and had a fight with Shim Chung.

Joon Jae later on told Shim Chung to leave his house. But she let him promise in return that they would meet in the first snow day. He then gave her a cell phone and told her how to use it. It turned out that he gave it to her to know where she is going. His friends, on the other hand, felt bad about his kicking out a poor woman into the cold weather.

Shim Chung got an odd job of flyer distributor. Nobody would take it. Therefore, Joon Jae paid some kids to take the flyers. Later, he paid a lady to give her food and a scarf. These just show that he cared about her.

That night, the first snow fell. So Shim Chung ran and rode a bus to get to Namsan Tower. On her way there, she was hit by a car, which was driven by Joon Jae’s step-brother Heo Chi-Hyun (Lee Ji-Hoon). Meanwhile, Joon Jae did not notice the accident and went on his way to the tower, where he waited for her.

Meanwhile, in Joseon Dynasty, the magistrate saved the mermaid against the bad men sent by the rich lord, who is after the mermaid. However, the rich lord’s concubine with some men and a shaman looked for the mermaid in the magistrate’s home. On the other hand, episode 5 also showed that a child could read a mermaid’s mind. Just like the kid that Shim Chung met before she went toward Namsan.

According to TNmS Ratings, The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 5 garnered 16.4 percent nationwide and 20.4 percent Seoul National Capital Area ratings. On the other hand, AGB Nielsen released that it gathered 16.8 percent nationwide and 20.5 percent Seoul National Capital Area ratings.

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Photo source: YouTube/The Legend of the Blue Sea


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