The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 10 Recap, Review: Heo Joon Jae Hears Shim Chung’s Thoughts

In The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 10, it picked up right where it left off in episode 9. It was seen that Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) was looking at a painting of himself in his past life in the Joseon era.

To recap, The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 10 showed that the painting has a note on its right side saying that he had to protect the woman (Jun Ji-Hyun) from that bad guy (Sung Dong-Il) as the ill fate repeats itself in the modern time. With it, flashes of memories came to his mind.

He then went home late, with Shim Chung confronting him about it when there was in fact a curfew in his house at eight, which he claimed did not apply to him because he was the owner of the house. Later, he had a drink with his “hyung” while they discussed about Shim Chung being weird.

The next day, Shim Chung was gone to continue her pursuit of picking up the pink octopus stuffed toy in the machine when the little child Yoo Na came, as the kid cut classes. She brought the kid home, where the girl was ganged up by others for not going to school. The little kid admitted that she became invisible when she goes to school as she was not as rich as her classmates’ families.

During this discussion, the kid heard Shim Chung’s thoughts — and so did Heo Joon Jae. She thought that she had a secret, which she did not want to reveal to him because he would hate her and leave her. She then warned the kid not to tell the others that she was different.

Finally, Heo Joon Jae got a call from Chief Nam’s wife that he already woke up. However, his father’s driver could not talk or move. Also, she said that she was able to talk to his mother a few years back, asking her about Joon Jae but she did not say that he ran away from home.

That night, Heo Joon Jae and Shim Chung bonded. The former taught her how to drink alcohol. She was drunk for a short time but got sober afterward. But then Joon Jae got drunk later on, which made him say that he did not want her to go and that he would not hate and leave her. Nonetheless, his “hyung” told her that Joon Jae lies everything he says while he’s drunk, which made her sad.

Later, the group of con artists together with Shim Chung went to the house of their target, not knowing that it was Cha Si Ah’s family and it was where Joon Jae’s mother was working as a maid. He did not see her and they barely got away if not for Tae Oh, who discovered that it was Cha Si Ah’s house they were in. He distracted her by saying that he loved her, letting the others know about what he found out and they were able to get away then.

Therefore, upon returning to Joon Jae’s house, he scolded his “hyung” that they did not study the background of their target well. Shim Chung then picked up that Joon Jae did not do something good, which he admitted to her. However, their confrontation was merely a telepathic one, which neither spoke. That was when he realized that he could hear Shim Chung’s thoughts.

She walked away, feeling sad and left home. And it was where episode 10 ended, with Joon Jae recalling all that happened between him and Shim Chung since they met in Spain.

According to TNmS Ratings, The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 10 garnered 16.8 percent nationwide and 19.2 percent Seoul National Capital Area ratings. On the other hand, AGB Nielsen released that it gathered 17.5 percent nationwide and 19.3 percent Seoul National Capital Area ratings.

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