The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 1 Recap, Review: Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun’s New Characters

Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun’s new characters in the new Korean romantic comedy fantasy drama titled The Legend of the Blue Sea are quite entertaining and refreshing as episode 1 hit the TV screens on Nov. 16 on SBS.

Lee Min Ho plays two characters here, the one from the 16th century and the present-day Heo Joon Jae, a con artist. Opposite him is Jun Ji-Hyun’s mermaid character later named Shim Chung. The two met in Joon Jae’s old life in Joseon Dynasty as the town’s head who freed the mermaid from a greedy lord’s (Sung Dong-Il) clutches, who later became a trafficker in the present day.

According to TNmS Ratings, The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 1 garnered 15.4 percent nationwide and 18.9 percent in Seoul National Capital Area. Meanwhile, AGB Nielsen gave it 16.4 percent nationwide and 18 percent Seoul National Capital Area viewership ratings.

Episode 1 of the new K-Drama series depicted the town head widower (Lee Min Ho) and the mermaid (Jun Ji-Hyun) captured by a rich lord (Sung Dong-Il). Through blackmail, the rich lord gave in to the town head to let go of the mermaid back to the ocean. In the process, the mermaid made a connection with the town head while the rich lord planned on capturing the mermaid again.

Also, The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 1 showed the present time wherein Joon Jae and his fellow con artists cheated a Daechi-dong madam while the mermaid is swimming in the ocean and found a priceless jade bracelet and wore it.

A sea storm washed the mermaid into the shore and she discovered she had two feet but went back into the water. Later, she invaded Joon Jae’s hotel room and ate everything she could find and was discovered by him in his closet. Their first meeting in the modern time was quite entertaining for the viewers, as Joon Jae planned to steal the jade bracelet from her later on.

Photo source: YouTube/The Legend of the Blue Sea


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