TestoGen vs. TestRX Comparison Review

Both TestoGen and TestRX are all-natural testosterone booster supplements. I will focus today’s post on a TestoGen vs. TestRX comparison review. Hopefully, this will be useful for those who are still undecided what testosterone booster is best suited for their needs.

TestoGen Review

TestoGen has recently come on the scene. The marketplace for the male performance supplements is getting increasingly crowded. However, I am impressed with this newly arrived testosterone booster. It has the great advantage of being based on a blend of all-natural ingredients mixed in the right amount. My TestoGen review will show why this product is the next big thing.

A high quality testosterone booster such as TestoGen can actually be, in fact, even MORE effective than hormone replacement therapy. Men suffering from “Low T” can get help by taking TestoGen, enabling them to resume the active lifestyles and perform better both in the bedroom and in the gym.

What Are TestoGen’ Benefits?

• Improved motivation levels and enhanced libido
• Reduced body fat
• Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol
• More lean muscle and increased strength
• Improved mental and physical performance

What Are TestoGen’s Ingredients?

The main ingredients of TestoGen’s all-natural formula are: Ginseng Extract, Tribulus Terrestis, Fenugreek, Riboflavin, Vitamin D, Selenium, Zinc, Cholecalciferol and D-Aspartic Acid.

• Ginseng Extract is obtained from a root plant. In Chinese traditional medicine, Ginseng has been uses as a natural aphrodisiac. It leads t stronger erections and can reignite the libido. Ginseng has also long been used to naturally increase energy levels.

• Tribulus Terrestis is a plant that is also known as Devil’s Claw. According to research studies, it can boost testosterone levels in men. Tribulus Terrestis was used for many centuries in Asian medicine. The plant is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

• Fenugreek seed has antioxidant properties, as well as libido enhancing properties. It works by increasing testosterone levels.

• Selenium is a trace mineral that maximizes the effects of antioxidants and eliminates toxins form the body. Hormones and organs function more optimally when toxins are removed from the body. The testosterone production is also increased.

• Zinc is a mineral and also a known aphrodisiac. It can increase libido, testosterone levels and helps men’s bodies to produce more sperm.

• D-Aspartic Acid is boosting testosterone levels by regulating amino acids in the body. It also helps produce increased muscle growth.

• Cholecalciferol prevents testosterone from converting to quickly to estrogen. This optimizes the benefits provided by testosterone.

The TestoGen’s Pros And Cons


• While prescription testosterone boosters can have various side effects, and even cause cancer in some men, TestoGen’s all natural formula is a safe alternative.
• TestoGen has the ability to lower blood pressure and can address some other health issues.
• The testosterone booster provides a marked increase in self-esteem. Your energy level, libido, stamina, and motivation improve and you become much more self-confident.
• Testogen is less expensive than other products, being extremely affordable.


• This product can sometimes cause increased anger and acne breakouts.

Where Can You Buy TestoGen?

You can buy TestoGen through the manufacturer’s website.
It is offered in three different packages:

• Package 1: bottle of 120 capsules for one-month supply.
• Package 2: two bottles purchase gets you one free bottle for a 3-month supply (360 capsules total).
• Package 3: for a five-month supply you can purchase three bottles and get two free! (plus free ebook)

You can order TestoGen by clicking on the banner below:


TestRX Review

TestRX is another top solution for low testosterone. This testosterone booster was designed specifically to correct the unfortunate problems caused by “Low T.” Among these problems are included: major drop in energy levels, poor performance in bed, lower sex drive, decreased muscle mass, difficulty sleeping, and depression.

TestRX can effectively solve all these problems associated with Low T.

What Are TestRX’s Benefits?

• Improves erection quality
• Stimulates testosterone production naturally
• Elevates sex drive
• Increases energy levels
• Reduces body fat
• Increases muscle mass
• Strengthens bones
• Reduces stress
• Improves quality of sleep
• All natural formula
• No known side effects

What Are TestRX’s Ingredients?

This formula is extremely well rounded, overcoming the symptoms of Low T:

• Tongkat Ali: This plant is also called The Malaysian Viagra. In male body, Tongkat Ali has been proven to increase by 37 percent the production of testosterone.

• Brassica Campestris: This plant is has been shown to promote a healthy prostate.

• Tribulus Terrestris: This is the main testosterone boosting ingredient included in this potent formula.

• Fenugreek: This ingredient is proved to dramatically increase men libido. In addition, it is also a testosterone booster.

• Tribulus Alatus: This ingredient is similar to tribulus terrestris, boosting natutally testosterone levels.

• Ashwaganda: This mood enhancer can treat insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

• Vitamin D3: This vitamin has a role in bone density and bone health.

• Agaricus Bisporus: This improves the functioning of your immune system for overall health and wellbeing.

The TestoRX’s Pros And Cons


• All natural ingredients
• No side effects
• Contains well known ingredients
• Elevates energy levels
• Improves performance and sex drive
• Elevates your mood
• Decreases body fat and increases muscle growth
• Improves sleep quality
• Overcomes all range of Low T symptoms


• If exceeding the recommended dose you may experience side effects
• Will not work for women
• Its formula is missing D-Aspartic Acid ingredient

Where Can You Buy TestRX?

You can purchase TestRX online, exclusively through the manufacturer’s website. Significant discounts are available if you order larger quantities.

You can order TestRX by clicking on the banner below:

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I'm interested in bodybuilding and martial arts. I also enjoy traveling and playing video games.

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