Suspicious Partner Episode 9, Episode 10 Spoiler, Theory: Ji Chang Wook’s Ji Wook Resigns from Law Firm, Keeps Bong Hee Close to him

In Suspicious Partner episode 9 and episode 10, Ji Chang Wook’s (K2 and Healer) character prosecutor No Ji Wook will resign from the law firm. On the other hand, Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) will work with him in his new law firm.

The next episode will pick up from where it left off. In the episode teaser, Ji Wook’s ex-girlfriend Yoo Jung (Kwon Na Ra) shows up outside his house. She obviously wants to talk to him. She also tries to talk to him about them and their feelings for each other. She says that they cannot easily forget each other. With this, she holds his arm as he tries to walk away. He says that there is nothing left for them both.

It will be interesting how Yoo Jung will react if she sees Bong Hee. However, in the background, the latter is not seen. Perhaps she is going to hide somewhere. Perhaps she guesses that the relationship between the prosecutor she made friends with and Ji Wook.

Next, the killer is seen talking on the phone with Bong Hee. He says that forensics could not see anything about the culprit. With this, he is seated on his hunches with a man lying on the floor. It remains to be seen who the victim is.

As the episode teaser goes on, Ji Wook is seen walking in the hallway. In the background, someone tells him that he is quitting. Afterward, he hands in his resignation letter to his boss. The latter asks if he is going to have his own law firm. It will be fun how Atty. Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) will take this news.

Then it gets more interesting as Bong Hee calls him “Honey.” Perhaps she is just teasing him. He then asks why and if she is hungry. Then he prepares something for her while asking why he is doing it for her and why he is feeding her.

As the episode closes, Bong Hee rests her head on Ji Wook’s shoulder. In the background, she is heard saying, “Why? Are you worried that they might think I’m your wife?”

Suspicious Partner airs on SBS at 10 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday. Episode 9 and episode 10 will air on May 24.

Photo source: Facebook/Suspicious Partner


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