Suspicious Partner Episode 5, Episode 6 Spoiler, Theory: Bong Hee Wants to Find her Ex-Boyfriend’s Killer; Ji Wook Tries to Keep his Distance from her

In Suspicious Partner episode 5 and episode 6, K2 and Healer fame Ji Chang Wook continues to play prosecutor No Ji Wook. Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) tries to convince him to find the real culprit. However, he will try to keep his distance from her.

The back-to-back episode teaser shows Ji Wook visiting his later father. He asks for forgiveness that he would not be able to become a good prosecutor like him.

Afterward, he is seen being scolded. He is told that he is no longer a prosecutor. But then his friend (Choi Tae Joon) gives him a warm welcome with a party popper, saying “Welcome No Ji Wook.” It seems that after he turned in his badge as a prosecutor, he will now become a plain lawyer. Then he told Atty. Ji to get lost. He is truly sad that he lost his career over Bong Hee’s case.

Later on, Bong Hee is seen like she is somehow watching Ji Wook from a distance. She says that she takes a peek of him whenever things are stressful. They even pass by each other at a pedestrian lane.

The next scene of the teaser shows Bong Hee with the real culprit of her ex-boyfriend’s murder. Just like before, he is riding a bicycle. She says that she is going to find him. She is seen running in  a tunnel with the culprit riding his bicycle and is after her. In the background, she vows that she will be successful at finding the culprit and repay Ji Wook’s kindness. Also, she promises that she will prove him wrong — that they are not ill-fated. However, Ji Wook is seen walking away from her.

Suspicious Partner airs on SBS at 10 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday. Episode 5 and episode 6 will air on May 17.

Photo source: Facebook/Suspicious Partner


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