Suspicious Partner Episode 21, Episode 22 Spoiler, Theory: Ji Chang Wook’s Ji Wook and Bong Hee Dating is About to Happen; Bong Hee to Discover her Ex-Boyfriend’s Murderer?

In Suspicious Partner episode 21 and episode 22, Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is going to suspect Hyun Soo as the murderer of her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook’s (K2 and Healer) character Attorney No Ji Wook and Bong Hee’s dating is about to happen.

In the teaser to the back-to-back episode on Wednesday, Bong Hee and Hyun Soo meet while walking on the street. The latter saves Bong Hee from getting hit by a motorcycle. Because of this, his music device together with other papers he is going to deliver falls down the ground. Also, because of this, it seems that Bong Hee hears the song he is listening to. It is the song that the killer whistled on the night of her ex-boyfriend’s murder. She looks at Hyun Soo with a horrid expression. In the background, she says that she made Atty. No defend a murderer.

Next scene shows Hyun Soo looking at Bong Hee walking away. He says to himself that, “She can’t know who I really am ’cause then I will have to kill her.” It is apparent that he knows she is suspecting him now.

Meanwhile, Ji Wook tells his paralegal employee to stop investigating Hyun Soo secretly for the meantime. It seems he is biding his time now, as the suspect warns him about it.

Then Bong Hee faces Ji Wook in her room. She says, “I will change my plan and will give you a reply.” He seems surprised at this turn of event. She adds, “I said I will reply your confession.” He embraces while he thanked her. However, she says, “But not today. I will find a day and tell you outside earnestly.”

Suspicious Partner a.k.a. Love in Trouble airs on SBS at 10 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday. Episode 21 and episode 22 will air on June 14.

Photo source: Facebook/Suspicious Partner


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