Suspicious Partner Episode 13, Episode 14 Spoiler, Theory: Ji Chang Wook’s Ji Wook Confused of his Feelings for Bong Hee; Yoo Jung Reminds Ji Wook was a Prosecutor

In Suspicious Partner episode 13 and episode 14, Ji Chang Wook’s (K2 and Healer) character No Ji Wook shows he has some feelings for Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun). Meanwhile, Ji Wook’s ex-girlfriend Yoo Jung (Kwon Na Ra) keeps reminding him that he was once a prosecutor.

In the teaser, Bong Hee is shown like she is upset and lonely. She then says, “Don’t be like this. If you ask me not to like you, then you can’t be nice to me. You have to help me.” After this, she lies on her stomach in her bed. Meanwhile, Ji Wook is also seen lying on his back in his own bed. The two seem to feel awkward after she told him how she feels about him and that he rejects her.

Later on, Yoo Jung and Ji Wook are seen at the crime site. She tells him, “You used to catch this kind of guy, but why do you defend him?” She clearly believes that the defendant that Ji Wook’s law firm defends is the criminal.

On the other hand, Bong Hee thinks the defendant is not the murderer. There is no direct evidence that he killed the victim. However, Ji Wook also counters that there is no direct evidence that he is innocent. The lawyers are having a meeting about the case. In theory, there could be a twist that Ji Wook might somehow be correct on his haunch this time.

Then Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) is seen with a contemplating face. It still remains to be seen whether this is about Yoo Jung and Ji Wook or not.

The next scene shows Bong Hee finding Ji Wook seated in a couch, sleeping. She removes his tie. But he opens his eyes. She then tries to leave him alone but he catches her hand. He asks her to stay with him for even just five minutes. This clearly shows that he has some feelings for Bong Hee. However, he is confused whether he would go along with these or not. As it is, he is afraid to start something because of his previous relationship. And yet, more sweet and funny moments will be witnessed by viewers.

Suspicious Partner airs on SBS at 10 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday. Episode 13 and episode 14 will air on May 31.

Photo source: Facebook/Suspicious Partner


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