Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 3 Spoiler, Prediction: Park Hyung Sik’s Min Hyuk vs Ji Soo’s Gook Do; Bong Soon Torn between Two Men?

In Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 3, things are more getting interesting and fun. Park Bo Young’s (A Werewolf Boy) main character as Bong Soon gets more entangled with Park Hyung Sik’s (Hwarang) Min Hyuk and Ji Soo’s (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) rookie detective Gook Do.

In episode 3 promo, the two men are trying to make an arrangement. Gook Do tries to protect Bong Soon. Meanwhile, Min Hyuk readily and mockingly agrees to it. As it is, he wants Bo Young by his side and wants to “help” her win Gook Do’s affections. He already knows that his lady bodyguard has feelings for the rookie detective.

The next scene shows Min Hyuk getting up from lying on the floor. On the other hand, Bong Soon is just next to him lying in a couch. This means that she has decided to stay with him for the night. Even though Gook Do is against it, he could not do something about it.

Afterward, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 3 teaser shows Bong Soon waking up with Min Hyuk beside her. She pushes the sleeping employer because of it. Clearly, she would confront him for doing this.

On the other hand, Gook Do says angrily that all men are dogs. Perhaps this is when he is forced to leave Min Hyuk’s house and let Bong Soon stay there for the night. Later on, the two men are word sparring once again at the precinct, it seems.

As for the thugs that Bong Soon sent to the hospital after beating them, they seem to be afraid of something. They are saying “Not her.” Maybe they heard about somebody beaten up.

With this, a group of students are being given a lesson by Bong Soon. Perhaps they are bullying someone and she comes to the rescue. She even spins the merry-go-round later on.

The students said “Please take us.” Does this mean they want to be some kind of disciples?

Later on, a powerful and rich-looking man seems to clashing with Bong Soon. He has some thugs behind him. He wants her brought to him and be killed.

Before Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 3 teaser drew to a close, Bong Soon is carrying Min Hyuk. Could it be that he is hurt or they are trying to run away from somebody? Then she is seen being harsh. It seems that she is drunk. Then she confronts Gook Do for being too nice to her when he has already a girlfriend. Then she pushes Min Hyuk’s wheelchair. And the latter is wondering if she does really care about him.

More funny moments between the three main characters are going to be witnessed in episode 3. Watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon every Friday and Saturday on JTBC at 8:30 p.m. KST.

Photo source: Facebook/Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.