Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 13 Spoiler, Theory: Bong Soon Fights with Park Hyung Sik’s Min Hyuk, will be in Danger?

In Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 13, Park Bo Young’s character Do Bong Soon might fight with Park Hyung Sik’s character Min Hyuk. Meanwhile, Ji Soo’s Gook Do will still try his best to catch the serial kidnapper Kim Jang Hyun.

As seen in the episode teaser, Min Hyuk tries to console Bong Soon. He advises her as well that she should not do things all by herself. Meaning, she is not to do anything dangerous.

Next, she is seen running. She seems to be looking everywhere possible that her friend Gyeong Shim could be hidden by the kidnapper. In the background, it is heard that she did not appear at work for that day.

Bong Soon went back to the junkyard. She asks the man working there. He asks if she is there for her friend, with a smiling face. As seen in the previous episode, he conspires with the kidnapper in  exchange for some drugs and money.

The police have already suspected that the man working at the junkyard is working with the owner, the kidnapper. Moreover, the next scene shown in the episode teaser of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 13 is the kidnapper in somewhat another place. He is with Gyeong Shim who appears to be unconscious, lying on a stock pile.

Then the man working at the junkyard is seen again. He is sitting on his heels with seemingly amused smile.

Afterward, Bong Soon is seen entering the place where the women are held captive. Then the man grabbed her, while Gyeong Shim is desperately crying. Could it be possible that the kidnapper hurt Bong Soon? Bong Soon will apparently have a fight with the kidnapper in this case. However, if it is not the kidnapper himself, then it is possible that Bong Soon is facing the man working for the kidnapper.

As for Min Hyuk, he is also seen hitting the punching bag. He seems to be desperate as well about Bong Soon. He is heard saying, “If I cannot stop you when you’re jumping into danger… nor I stop you… It drives me crazy!”

With this, Bong Soon is heard as saying, “I’ll live as a monster. You can live the way that’s easy for you.” And as answer to it, he said, “Am I easy to you?” This is clearly the first time that the new couple is going to have a serious fight.

Later on, Bong Soon is heard saying, “I want to live as a normal person, but I can’t.” Then she looks back at Min Hyuk. It seems that she is leaving him after their fight.

As the episode teaser goes on, she is seen pushing the cars at the junkyard. Clearly, she is looking for a possible way where she can find her friend. She says, “Stop harming other people and fight me instead.” This is apparently addressed to the kidnapper, who is seen leaning on his table inside his office. Then while wearing his mask, he is ordering his conspirator to blow everything up.

There is a fire at the junkyard then. And it seems that Bong Soon and some other women are trapped inside. However, Bong Soon still tells her friend that she is going to save her no matter what. It is possible that her friend is not at the original place where the kidnapper holds the women captive.

Although Ji Soo’s Gook Do is not seen in the episode teaser, it would not go on without him in some scenes. It is possible that he is worried about Bong Soon and her plan of saving their friend all by herself.

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Photo source: Facebook/Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.