My Shy Boss Episode 5 Spoiler, Prediction: Ro Woon to Help Hwan Ki Overcome his Shyness? [Watch]

In My Shy Boss episode 5 promo, Chae Ro Woon (Park Hye Soo) is heard saying “It felt warm. I said I’m sorry.” This episode would likely deal her getting closer to understanding their “Silent Monster” boss Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin).

Next, Hwan Ki says “I’m the one who should say that.” Perhaps he refers to what happened to her sister. However, Ro Woon might be too drunk to know or understand what he meant by it.

Later, his ex-secretary is seen talking to Ro Woon, saying with disbelief, “He held you in his arms?” With this, Ro Woon answered, “I just vaguely remember the smell.” Could it be Hwan Ki’s perfume he is wearing? Otherwise, it could mean something else.

Then Brain CEO Kang Woo Il (Yoon Park) is having a meeting with the staff, saying “What Silent Monster needs right now is not work, but teamwork.” Therefore, he suggests a team building or a workshop to address this matter. In his own subtle way of pushing Hwan Ki to the surface, he might just unwittingly help the shy boss. It is thought that Woo Il needs constant spotlight directed to him. By doing this, he could be the hero of getting Hwan Ki out from his shell.

Meanwhile, Hwan Ki is seen driving his car. He is heard saying, “Will it be an overnight trip?” This could perhaps refer to the team’s workshop that his friend is setting up for Silent Monster staff. Then he added, saying, “Why doesn’t he tell people that he’s engaged? Are you stopping him from doing that, too?” He could be talking with one of the members of his family on the phone, his sister most likely.

It seems that Woo Il started to get to the Introverted Boss’ nerves. His friend Woo Il is already in a relationship with his sister three years ago when he is also in relationship with Ro Woon’s sister, which led to the latter’s suicide.

Then Hwan Ki’s sister is focused, saying, “I can never lie to you.”

Afterward, Ro Woon is seen saying “A video clip?” This refers to the clip wherein Hwan Ki was supposed to present in a bidding but he was not able to due to his social disorder. Then the Brain employees are seen watching the clip. It seems that they are making fun of the Silent Monster boss. Otherwise, they are just surprised to see his face finally.

Then Ro Woon is seen saying she is going to help make Hwan Ki like the other CEO Kang Woo Il. But Yoo Hee, the staff’s mother, says it would be impossible. It seems that the shy boss is just eavesdropping to their conversation.

Later, Woo Il is heard saying that he believes Hwan Ki is capable of changing. He is hopeful that the workshop will help him get through it. But will he? It surely will be a tedious process if the shy boss is going to change. But perhaps he will struggle to change for Ro Woon’s sake.

Introverted Boss airs every Monday and Tuesday on tvN at 11 p.m. Watch episode 5 that will air on Feb. 6.

Photo source: Facebook/Introverted Boss

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