My Shy Boss Episode 12 Spoiler, Prediction: Ro Woon vs Yun Jung for Hwan Ki’s Affection

In My Shy Boss episode 12, “Silent Monster” boss Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin) will be the reason of Ro Woon’s (Park Hye Soo) and Yun Jung’s bickering. The two will constantly fight for their feelings for Hwan Ki.

Ro Woon’s is going to get jealous of Hwan Ki’s first love. She would show it clearly to him. Although Hwan Ki may be flattered about this, it would still be a bit awkward. In line with this, viewers would see more funny and sweet moments in the episode.

In episode 12 promo, Ro Woon is seen being slapped by her father. Perhaps her father has learned that she is working for the boss of her sister. But then, she insists on being by his side.

Later on, Yi Soo and Hwan Ki are having a fight. As it is, his sister cannot let go of his friend. She loves him dearly and more than her life. That is why she is still forcing herself to make Woo Il her husband.

Then the teaser also shows the love triangle. They seem to play a game and look like they are drunk as well. Also, they seem to stay together overnight at Hwan Ki’s residence. With this, they are like in a tag-of-war to get Hwan Ki’s attention.

Then episode 12 promo of Introverted Boss shows Ro Woon clad only in a towel. It seems that she just got out of the shower. Hwan Ki blinks to ensure that he is not dreaming or if he is only hallucinating. But it seems not. Otherwise, this could also be just a dream.

It would be interesting to see some twists in the episode. Introverted Boss airs every Monday and Tuesday on tvN at 11 p.m. Watch episode 12 that will air tonight.

Photo source: Facebook/Introverted Boss


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