My Secret Romance Episode 5, Episode 6 Spoiler, Theory: Jin Wook Believes Yoo Mi has a Boyfriend, Mistaken to Get Engaged?

In My Secret Romance episode 5 and episode 6, Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) is going to mistake Hyun Tae as Yoo Mi’s (Song Ji Eun) boyfriend. Afterward, she is going to believe that he is going to get engaged.

In theory, as left in episode 4, Jin Wook will believe that Hyun Tae is Yoo Mi’s boyfriend. That is, if Yoo Mi would not set it straight from the start. Perhaps she would just leave it that way to make her ex-fling stop bossing her around or something. But if she says that he is nothing to do with her or that she would not clarify anything, he would just assume the same. On the other hand, he might just realize that she has not opened the box after all.

In the episode teaser Yoo Mi is having another confrontation with Jin Wook. She says, “Whenever I see you, I am reminded of the past I want to forget!” Then Jin Wook is seen entering his study room, deep in thought. It seems that he still not having enough of getting back at her. He might just want to bug her even more.

As it is, the next scene shows Yoo Mi and her male colleague running in the company premises. It seems that Jin Wook tries to make her work even more. He says, “There must be a beggar inside his stomach.” Later on, Jin Wook is seen eating the food she prepared for him but with a nasty look on his face.

Afterward, Hyun Tae’s voice is heard in the background. He says, “If he bugs you, tell him I’m your boyfriend.” With this, Jin Wook is scene with Yoo Mi. It seems that they are in her friend’s cafe. Then Jin Wook tells her, “You only do this for me, right?” Perhaps he is referring to the meals and the way she is treating him?

The next scene shows Jin Wook with his personal secretary and Yoo Mi while waiting for the elevator. She is talking to the phone. She says, “Hyun Tae, you don’t have to pick me up.”

Hyun Tae is then seen in the next scene in his cafe, holding a basketball with Yoo Mi’s mother. He seems to think that Yoo Mi had a fling with her boss. The two of them were sitting somewhere outside. She seems to be sleeping while leaning on his shoulder.

Afterward, Yoo Mi gets home with her mother seemingly waiting for her. She rants, “How understanding do I have to be?” It could be because their living together in her apartment. She does not know that her mother works for a culinary program as an audience.

Then the scene shows Hye Ri and Jin Wook. She says, “You must be too busy to date. What do you think about me?” She clearly still forces herself on him.

As the episode teaser draws to a close, Hyun Tae is shown again. He is at that basketball court. He angrily asks, “Is that really it?” It apparently has got to do with Yoo Mi having a one-night stand with her boss in the past. Perhaps he thinks that there is more to it than what happened between them. And he is clearly jealous of it.

Yoo Mi then tells Jin Wook in the next scene show that she wants to apologize to him for ruining his proposal. Does it mean that he is going to be engaged? Perhaps the other woman told her that they are going to have the engagement already.

My Secret Romance airs on cable network OCN at 9 p.m. every Monday and Tuesday. Watch episode 5 on May 1 and episode 6 on May 2.

Photo source: Facebook/My Secret Romance

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I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.