Scientific Truth About Human Growth Hormone [Video]

These days, the term “HGH” or “Human Growth Hormone” comes with a great deal of buzz around.

The role of HGH in human development and growth has been long understood. However, Human Growth Hormone has only recently begun to be linked to anti-aging and regenerative properties. New scientific research founds positive effects in using HGH for weight loss, wrinkles reduction, libido enhancement, memory improvement, and more.

What Human Growth Hormone Is?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is secreted from a glad located at the base of the brain, called the pituitary gland. The hormone has a role in stimulating cell reproduction and generation as well as human growth.

Our bodies produce less and less HGH as we age. After a certain age you are no longer growing like when in your childhood or teen years. This also means that your body no longer generates on a regular basis as many new cells as before.

We also start to age because of the loss of HGH.

HGH is not only responsible for cell growth. This important hormone has also a role in many other bodily functions such as our brain function, metabolism, memory, ability to heal, sexual responsiveness, weight loss, muscle growth, and more.

As you can notice, all of the bodily functions that are managed by HGH are the same areas that start to deteriorate as we age

For instance, your skin is less toned, skin slackens and wrinkles appear as HGH levels drop. That’s happening because as we age we no longer have the same skin cell regeneration power of in our youth.

We also don’t sleep as well anymore as HGH levels continue to drop. We can notice sex drive decrease as well. We also experience changes in skin sensitivity and blood pressure. All these are direct effects of shifting hormone levels.

As our bodies begin to store more fat, our muscle tone diminishes. This is due to a reduced metabolic rate and decreased cell production.

.Our memory and clarity of thought also begin to suffer. This is due again to the slower rate of rejuvenation of cells in our brain.

As you can see, HGH affects directly and indirectly almost every part of your body

In order to counteract some of these aging process effects, there are some methods of replacing HGH in your body.

Using the Power of HGH

Using HGH to fight aging effects can be done following three main treatment options.

First, you can have HGH injected into your body. This treatment method is effective, but injections must be repeated often because they don’t last long. For this reason, this method is inaccessible to most people, being extremely expensive.

Second, you can ingest HGH. However, since HGH is incompatible with the digestive system, this method is highly ineffective.

The third and most reliable method consists in stimulating the production of HGH in your body. This method is affordable and also highly effective. A blend of herbs, amino acids, proteins, and other nutrients work together in synergy in order to target the anterior pituitary gland and stimulating it to secrete more HGH.

Your body functions start to improve. You soon look and work like a much younger person.

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