My Sassy Girl Episode 9, Episode 10 Spoiler, Theory: Princess Hye Myung to Meet her Lover?

In My Sassy Girl episode 9 and episode 10, Princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) goes out of the palace again. Gyeon Woo (Bridal Mask fame Joo Won) confronts her for being reckless.

In the back-to-back episode teaser, the princess is seen out of the palace once again. In the background, she is told that she deceives the king and breaks the rules. It seems that the king has received an advice that she should be locked up in her residence.

The princess might have just another reason to get out of the palace this time. In the teaser, she reads a letter. Whether or not it is about her “lover” remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, she is on the streets outside the palace. Gyeon Woo finds her. Later on, he wonders who is behind the distribution of all the flyers related to the princess.

The next scene reveals that since she is supposed to be locked up, she tells someone that she is going to be back by nightfall. She might just meet the one who sent her the letter. When Gyeon Woo found her, he scolds her why she is doing reckless things. However, she asks him to pretend he did not see her.

On the other hand, Lieutenant Kang (Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE) is seen not wearing his uniform but a straw hat and ordinary clothes. He seems to be stalking someone, that is if he is not investigating the whereabouts of the princess. Otherwise, he is stalking someone else to find out who is behind the distribution of the flyers that say and spread disturbing rumors about the sassy princess. He might just have a lead to follow this time.

As the teaser draws nearer to its end, Princess Hye Myung and her “lover” are seen. He promises that he will come back while giving her the jade ring. Afterward, she is standing near the falls, waiting for someone. When a man in a straw hat with a scarred face emerges, she asks him who he is.

My Sassy Girl airs on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. Episodes 9 and 10 will air on June 12.

Photo source: Facebook/My Sassy Girl


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