My Sassy Girl Episode 13, Episode 14 Spoiler, Theory: King is Pressure to have Princess Hye Myung Married; Gyeon Woo Stops her from Seeing Master Min

In My Sassy Girl episode 13 and episode 14, Princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) is still the subject to pressure the king. Meanwhile, Gyeon Woo (Bridal Mask fame Joo Won) tries his best to stop the princess from seeing Master Min.

In the teaser the Queen mocks the state official that he cannot change the king’s mind. However, he says that it is not yet over. It is just the beginning. He sure will pressure the king even more by using the name of the Qing Dinasty.

Next scene shows Princess Hye Myung running with Woo behind her. She seems to be pursuing Master Min, who is rumored to be her lover. However, Master Min is caught by Official Jung’s people and he is being beaten badly. In the background, a voice says, “I do not know why they are after Master Min.”

The 1ueen then orders to have him and the princess eliminated. And the princess does not want to put Master Min in danger.

Next, Master Min is seen hurrying as he walks down the street. This is perhaps after he showed himself to the princess while she is with Woo. This might be before he is captured by Jung’s men.

The king and the queen are seen next. The latter seems upset.

Woo, on the other hand, is seen musing. Princess Hye Myung is heard saying that they should go. It could refer to her chasing after Master Min, after seeing him in the previous episode.

Official Jung stresses once again that the princess should be married. He even claims that the Qing Dinasty wants to have a royal marriage for the princess.

The princess is seen perched on the fence. Woo reaches out to help her. In the background, someone says that the princess is missing. She begs Woo to let her go. This has got to do with Master Min — more likely. Whether or not Woo is going to let her go remains to be seen.

My Sassy Girl airs on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. Episodes 13 and 14 will air on June 19.

Photo source: Facebook/My Sassy Girl


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