Saimdang – Light’s Diary Episode 26 Spoiler, Theory: Reincarnated Saimdang and Lee Gyeom to Meet?

In Saimdang – Light’s Diary episode 26, it might mark the meeting of the star-crossed lovers Lee Gyeom (Song Seung-heon) and Saimdang (Lee Young Ae). It is in the persons of RADE member and Ji Yoon in the current timeline.

In the episode teaser, the person who met Ji Yoon called his “boss.” He says that he did what he was asked to do. It appears that the Lee Gyeom in the past is the boss of the person who met the female protagonist.

Then the teaser shows the trio who fight against Prof. Min of Hankuk University. They are examining further Lee Gyeom’s painting.

Afterward, Ji Yoon is seen running toward the exit of the club. She has the painting in her arms. On the other hand, Saimdang is also shown with perhaps the same predicament in the past. In the background, someone says,  “If we provoke them more, they might do something extreme.”

Saimdang seems to be afraid, with the rain pouring and lightning striking. Then she is seen crying. She asks, “How could this happen?” It might be Ji Yoon once again in Saimdang’s person in the past just like in the earlier episodes of the series.

Then Lee Gyeom is seen watching the city wall. He says, “This is what I’ve chosen in order to protect you.” Not long afterward, Saimdang is seen inside the prison. It seems that Lee Gyeom is going to be executed by the king. He is sentenced to death.

In the previous episodes, the male protagonist tried to harm the king. However, it was with good reason. But still, the king does not favor him anymore.

As the teaser rolls on, Saimdang is seen crying, on her knees. She begs the king. It appears she does this for Lee Gyeom’s sake so that the king would not execute him. Or could it be that he is only going to be exiled? He is seen being transported by soldiers in the next scene.

Later on, Saimdang is asking someone to save Lee Gyeom. She might have just approached the Crown Prince who favors him. The latter is seen in the teaser, burning some letter. However, it could be the king’s closest and old bodyguard she approached. She is seen facing him, as well in the teaser.

But then the king says, “Killing and saving are up to me.” It seems that the bodyguard who once saved Saimdang’s father saves Lee Gyeom this time. The star-crossed lovers are seen crying. It seems that Lee Gyeom is going to be sent far away to save his life. It could be the reason why he was in Italy, where he drew a masterpiece of Saimdang.

Saimdang says that she is going to remember the past and record it all. This is no doubt the diary she is going to write, which Ji Yoon has in the present time.

And yet, Ji Yoon seems to say that the painting is fading. Meanwhile, Saimdang is seen crying again with her diary she pressed close to her.

Just as the teaser is ending, Prof. Min/the king’s voice is heard saying, “I will make that woman live in suffering forever.” Ji Yoon is seen falling from some kind of a balcony, while Saimdang is seen collapsing in the prison. Afterward, the two of them met each other in a seemingly dream state. Whether the two of them are going to have a conversation or not still remains to be seen.

Saimdang – Light’s Diary airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. Episode 26 will air on April 26.

Photo source: Facebook/Saimdang

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