Saimdang – Light’s Diary Episode 23 Spoiler, Theory: Saimdang Collaborates with Lee Gyeom for the King’s Portrait; Min Chi Hyung Plans to Kill Them

In Saimdang – Light’s Diary episode 23, Saimdang (Lee Young Ae) is seen working with Lee Gyeom (Song Seung-heon) to complete the king’s portrait. On the other hand, Min Chi Hyung swears he will kill them both.

In the episode teaser, Saimdang urges the king to make a new Joseon kingdom, wherein people can dream. This is not only limited for the men in the kingdom but also for the women. She thinks that by doing this, she can help her daughter achieve her dream freely.

Then the king is heard saying that there can only be one Sun in the sky. In the teaser, he is seen being mugged by the people. Perhaps it is just his dream. As it is, the king tends to get paranoid as well.

However, if this is not so, the king might have been talking to the Crown Prince. He gives his son advice that he would be king and not Lee Gyeom, who has the admiration of the people.

Moreover, the king asks Lee Gyeom to finish his portrait with Saimdang. As the two of them are painting together the portrait, Hweiumdang is peeking at a door, silently crying. She is truly very envious of Saimdang who always has Lee Gyeom’s heart. Also, she is always outraged by Lee Gyeom who treats her as a bad woman like she is.

Afterward, the teaser shows the two women. Saimdang holds Hweiumdang’s hand. She says to her, “Let’s only think about our children,” as the other woman cries. Could this be the beginning of their friendship? Even though Saimdang only shows goodness to Hweiumdang, the other woman always treats her like her worst enemy and rival.

As the teaser rolls on, there seems to be a chaos outside the palace, where the king and the Crown Prince are watching. In the background, Min Chi Hyung says that he will kill “them both at once.” He might be referring to his mortal enemy Lee Gyeom and his beloved Saimdang. He wants to do this from the very beginning as he considers the two as hurdles for him to gain power and wealth.

While the episode teaser is closing, Saimdang is seen surprised. Also, Lee Gyeom is being attacked by enemies. Perhaps this is ordered by Min Chi Hyung. Inside a shed or a house, Hweiumdang is seen peering outside, crying. Perhaps she is now having her conscience back.

Then Saimdang is seen bound inside a shed with the Japanese standing over next to her. It appears that she is abducted. Not long after, Lee Gyeom is seen with sword in hand and some blood on his face and clothing. He seems to walk in a palace hallway, as a eunuch announces him.

Saimdang – Light’s Diary airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. Episode 23 will air on April 12.

Photo source: Facebook/Saimdang


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