Saimdang – Light’s Diary Episode 17 Spoiler, Theory: Min Chi Hyung to do Extreme Measures to Stop Saimdang from Submitting Goryeo Paper to the King

In Saimdang – Light’s Diary episode 17, Saimdang (Lee Young Ae) and her ex-fiance Lee Gyeom (Song Seung-heon) are still up against the K-drama’s main antagonist Min Chi Hyung.

In the episode teaser, the king announced that whoever gives him the Goryeo paper is his loyal subject. Therefore, Gyeom and Min Chi Hyung are up against each other. The latter will do everything he can just to gain the king’s favor this time. But Gyeom will naturally do everything he can to stop the antagonist.

Saimdang – Light’s Diary episode 17 teaser also shows Min Chi Hyung beating his wife Hweiumdang. He is obviously displeased with her. It has got to do with failing on stopping Saimdang. He says that the only way she could live is to make the Goryeo paper. As it is, he got his hands on the painting that hints on how to make it.

Later on, Saimdang is seen experimenting on making the original Goryeo paper. Perhaps she has already solved the puzzle that the painting has given. She must have found the missing ingredient to make the high-quality paper.

Then Hyang is seen so happy with the drifters. They have apparently done it. Meanwhile, Gyeom is with them. Perhaps he has known about this result. However, the old man stationed as Min Chi Hyung’s spy and errand man to destroy Saimdang’s work is there. The antagonist threatens him so he would do as he is told.

Saimdang must not be able to submit the sample of the Goryeo paper. Assassins seem to be sent for her to destroy her workshop.

Also, the old man is seen setting fire on the finished products of the paper. This will make all the drifters and Saimdang devastated, if it is indeed going to happen. Otherwise, if Saimdang were able to have submitted the sample paper and it is somewhere in an official office, it could be where the old man has set fire. By this, the king would not be able to have her sample but only Min Chi Hyung’s.

As Saimdang – Light’s Diary episode 17 teaser is ending, Gyeom is seen holding Saimdang’s hand. It is either because they made it or it is just because he wants to do it. But Saimdang seems to say to him that she is grateful to him for everything.

Saimdang – Light’s Diary airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. Episode 17 will air on March 22.

Photo source: Facebook/Saimdang


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