Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 9, Episode 10 Spoiler, Theory: Commoner Lee Sun to Become Puppet King; Crown Prince to Escape from the Palace?

In episode 9 and episode 10 of the K-drama, Ruler: Master of the Mask, the Crown Prince (Yoo Seung Hoo) is going to escape the palace. On the other hand, commoner Lee Sun (Kim Myung Soo) is going to become the puppet king of Joseon.

In theory, the next episodes will show how the Crown Prince is going to escape from the palace. He will most likely be helped by his admirer, Hwa Gun (Yoon So Hee), together with Gon (Kim Seo Kyung). Meanwhile, Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) is going to the greenhouse to get what the king’s concubine asked her to get from a crock. Despite the happenings in the palace, she will try her best to get to it and give it to Chun Soo, who is actually the Crown Prince.

Moreover, the Pyunsoo group will take charge of the palace, after the chaos is done. Dae Mok will present Joseon a new king, if not himself. Otherwise, he is going to have commoner Lee Sun take the throne as the puppet king. In fear for his life, he might just do whatever Dae Mok will tell him. However, he will just try to survive but will remember his mission as a stand-in to the Crown Prince. After all, he wishes to get revenge on his father’s death.

Back to Hwa Gun, it still remains to be seen whether she will admit or not to her grandfather that she knows the Crown Prince. But Gon would probably back her up at all times despite of Dae Mok’s orders.

There will be a funeral for the king, as well as for the his concubine, the Crown Prince’s mother. Dae Mok might also use this event to catch the Crown Prince.

Watch Ruler: Master of the Mask air on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. Episodes 9 and 10 will air on May 24.

Photo source: Facebook/Ruler: Master of the Mask


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