Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 21, Episode 22 Spoiler, Theory: Yoo Seung Ho’s Crown Prince Character in Dilemma; Commoner Lee Sun has Only One Thing he Wants

In Ruler: Master of the Mask episode 21 and episode 22, the Crown Prince (Yoo Seung Hoo) is in dilemma whether to go to war or not. Meanwhile, Commoner Lee Sun (Kim Myung Soo) only wants one thing — Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun).

After meeting General Jae Hoon, the Crown Prince a.k.a. the Peddler Chief is in dilemma whether or not he will use the general’s army to fight against the Pyunsoo group. As seen in the previous episode, Master Woo Bo does not want the Crown Prince to go to war and kill innocent lives in the process. In theory, the Crown Prince might just find another way to fight Dae Mok’s group.

In the back-to-back episode 21 and episode 22 teaser, the fake king tells his loyal subjects that he only wants one thing and it is Lady Han. Fans are thrilled whether or not he is going to have his one wish come true while posing as the king.

Meanwhile, Dae Mok has a meeting with his people. He says that the general is going to mobilize his army. For sure, he is going to do something about this. His granddaughter Hwa Gun (Yoon So Hee) might attempt — again — to have the general assassinated to keep this from happening.

The next scene shows Lee Sun and the Crown Prince talking in the greenhouse. The former says that the throne is rightfully the Crown Prince’s from the very beginning. Thus, he is going to give it back. However, he wants Ga Eun to become his in return. She is not the Crown Prince’s anyway, he says.

The teaser shows Ga Eun and the Crown Prince kneeling before the fake king. The latter takes off his red robe and puts it on Ga Eun. He says “Do not get sick.”

Afterward, the Crown Prince asks Ga Eun to stay by his side. He falls down the floor afterward. He looks sick. But Ga Eun is nowhere near him. It could be that she would not stay by his side. After all, she has her own mission to do, which she thinks is in parallel with the Crown Prince’s.

Watch Ruler: Master of the Mask air on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. Episodes 21 and 22 will air on June 14.

Photo source: Facebook/Ruler: Master of the Mask


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