Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 13, Episode 14 Spoiler, Theory: Dae Mok to Probe the Peddlers’ Chief’s Life; Commoner Lee Sun to Meet Ga Eun

In episode 13 and episode 14 of the K-drama, Ruler: Master of the Mask, Dae Mok will probe into the life of the Chief of the Peddlers (Yoo Seung Hoo). On the other hand, commoner Lee Sun (Kim Myung Soo) is going to finally meet Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) at the palace.

In the teaser, Dae Mok is trying to figure out whether the Chief of the Peddlers is someone he must gain as one of his men or someone to be killed. With the growing good reputation of the chief, he might see him as threat to his Pyunsoo group.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince who is now the Chief of the Peddlers as his cover is fighting with someone on the beach. With them is Hwa Gun’s (Yoon So Hee) father.

Afterward, the Crown Prince is seen with Ga Eun. Both seem amicably chatting away while walking. Then in the background, he is heard  saying that his identity must not known by Ga Eun.

Next scene shows Hwa Gun with the Crown Prince who seems to be hurt. In the background, she says that she has something to confess to him. She adds that she is not begging him to give his heart. She is seen leaning on the Crown Prince’s chest.

Later on, Ga Eun is seen with a sword on her throat. Perhaps she is already in the Crown Prince’s greenhouse. She is there to collect what the Crown Prince’s mother asked her to do before she died. This will be the first time she is going to meet the king. Without her knowledge, it is commoner Lee Sun who is now the puppet king.

In the background, she is heard saying that the king must have forgotten about her father’s death. It is clear now that Ga Eun can enter the palace whenever she needs to.

Commoner Lee Sun might wish to proclaim his love for her. But it would not be easy, especially that she thinks the king killed her father in the past.

In theory, episode 13 will pick up where it left off. It will show the Crown Prince’s fight against the spy who stole the map from Hwa Gun’s father. It seems that the gisaeng is the spy, judging by the bracelet he saw.

Watch Ruler: Master of the Mask air on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. Episodes 13 and 14 will air on May 31.

Photo source: Facebook/Master of the Mask


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