Radio Romance Episode 5 Spoiler, Theory: Crazy Gang vs Soo Ho; Soo Ho’s Radio Show in a Real Mess?


The last part of Radio Romance episode 4 was a real cliffhanger, wasn’t it? It is going to be exciting in the next episode, no doubt.

Soo Ho (Yoon Doo Joon) hurt Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) by not reading her script. But we all know that he feels something for her. (What a crazy jerk! Lol.)

In Radio Romance episode 5, viewers will see the Crazy Gang (Yoon Park). We will know why he is called as such. One of the members of their radio program is ranting. Crazy Gang, he says, hasn’t changed at all. The production editor is seen enjoying bullying someone. The poor guy is bound and gagged inside the radio booth while Crazy Gang is grinning.

It looks like their team members are discussing about what happened on their first episode.

Soo Ho and Crazy Gang face each other. The latter says, “At least you aren’t saying you’ll quit.” It seems that he is going to do something about the DJ who is high and mighty. He wants to mold him right, not only for the show but also for the entire team, especially Geu Rim. He does not want to fail in this new radio show because of the actor’s attitude.

This will lead to their drinking match. Soo Ho is heard saying, “I’m not the type of person who gives up or quits. I’ve never lost to anyone either.”

The preview later on shows the depressed Geu Rim. What has happened the first time they went on air has affected her so much. (No doubt about that. Talk about self-esteem being crushed right before your eyes! Soo Ho was a real jerk, although we know he may have his reasons.) In the background, Crazy Gang’s voice is heard saying, “Why does the writer who won over Ji Soo Ho look so depressed?” (Well, who wouldn’t? Anyone would, right? She worked hard to write that script until it got approved by the production director.)

Geu Rim falls, sitting on the ground. (This scene is clearly the continuation of where the last episode left off.) She looks upset while looking at Crazy Gang and Soo Ho who each reaches out a hand to help her up. Most probably, she would not take the hand of either of them. If she does, it will be more like the production director’s rather than the DJ’s.

Later on, she is asking “Why does life flip flop so much?” In the preview, Crazy Gang is in the middle of her and Soo Ho, putting his arms around them like they’re close friends. She is further heard as saying, “That lunatic… What happened between him and Soo Ho?” Most likely the two men have their deal that no one knows about yet.

As the teaser closes, Soo Ho is in the booth, saying, “Mr. Lee, let’s stop and redo it from the top.” Everyone seems surprised because of this. Maybe it was not merely a recording episode but a live, on air, show. Soo Ho’s last line is like “What was that just now?” after Mr. Kang was screaming outside the booth. Surely, the show is going to be in a real mess!

Watch Radio Romance every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on KBS2. Episode 5 will be aired Feb. 12.

Photo source: Facebook/Radio Romance

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