NBA Trade Rumors: Fake News Doing Rounds

On or off season, NBA trade rumors are doing the rounds. With this happening more often, fans may not be so happy the way these rumors are released as news. However, is there a possible way wherein they can tell between the real and fake news?

According to SB Nation, talks about potential things going to happen are just as valuable and more compelling than those that are going to actually happen, especially on the sports Internet. People would all out “blast fiction” if they find people making mistakes of saying nonsense things on prominent platforms like the social media.

The media outlet further added that some people with connections would check the rumors versus their sources and report them. NBA trade rumors are “a real thing,” that is. Meanwhile, the rumor may not entirely become true in the end, but it can still be said as valid.

For example, an agent would say to a certain reporter that his client is called up by a certain team. The reporter can then ask that certain team and report it. But in the end, that specific team would not actually sign the player. Meaning that the NBA trade rumor is legit, which is based on some interviews behind the scenes.

As reported by CBS Sports, fake NBA trade rumors are created due to fake news sites, which have millions of clicks that built them off with factual NBA trade rumors. Because of this, fans and their relatives click on them and share them on their social media handles. Hence, these fake sites exist.

In addition to this, using aggregation as a powerful tool can provide readers the insight, as well as perspective, on the present happening. Thus, this gets attention to the quality of the content, to analyze it and journalism.

It is best still that people should know which sites are legit as their source of NBA trade rumors. Fansided said that findings are remarkable when one searches for reliable sources.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/NBA


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