Mystery Queen Episode 3 Spoiler: Seol Ok Investigates Murder Despite Wan Seung’s Warning

In Mystery Queen episode 3, Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) will investigate the murder case even though Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) warns her. However, this might make the detective’s opinion of her change in the process.

In the episode 3 teaser, the two are bickering. Wan Seung is truly against Seol Ok’s meddling with the police’s job even though she just wants to help. Nonetheless, this might be the start that Wan Seung will be amazed of Seol Ok’s correct deduction on the case.

Meanwhile, Officer Hong (Lee Won Geun) faces a teenager, who reports his mother might die. The officer’s voice in the background asks if her in-laws might be behind this. However, the husband has an alibi. These might be two different cases, though.

Back to the two bickering with each other, Seol Ok asks Wan Seung if he is illegally hired. This scene is clearly after he hollered at her at the crime scene. He is seen so pissed off with her for seeing her there with Officer Hong. He continues by saying that he would have arrested for interfering the police work again. On the other hand, the teaser shows that Officer Hong is being thrown at with some things. Clearly, it is Wan Seung doing it even though it is not seen in the teaser.

Later on, Seol Ok is seen running on the street. Her voice is heard saying, “Relying on confessions to solve cases, is really old fashioned.” With this, the teaser shows that she is holding colored papers with notes on them. These could be her notes regarding the murder case. Then she is seen measuring a shoe. It seems that she has found the culprit who left his shoe prints at the crime scene.

Then the bickering goes on. Wan Seung is shouting that they capture criminals by running around. Then he is checking the soil on a wheel. This might match with the soil that Seol Ok checked on a wheel barrow in the previous episode. It seems that he has it lab tested. Afterward, he is seen spraying. He might just find something there to help solve the case. Then he and Seol Ok seem to talk about the case. She says that she is positive about the culprit.

Watch Mystery Queen every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. on KBS2 channel. Episode 3 will be aired on April 12.

Photo source: Facebook/Mystery Queen


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