My Shy Boss Episode 7 Spoiler, Prediction: Hwan Ki and Ro Woon Get Closer; Workshop to Change Silent Monster Boss Continues [Watch]

In My Shy Boss episode 6, “Silent Monster” boss Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin) will gradually continue to change. Chae Ro Woon (Park Hye Soo) and the others try to help him so that he would be a good leader.

In My Shy Boss episode 6 promo, they seem to be on a tropical island with coconut trees and beach. Hwan Ki is looking for Ro Woon. But his ex-secretary said that the monkey took her bag. She seems to look worried. With this, he and Woo Il (Yoon Park) are running like they are in a race. Perhaps they are looking for both Ro Woon and the monkey. Then the two are arguing what the other is doing and one of them said that he is looking for Ro Woon.

Somehow, the staff could not get hold of their boss. Or perhaps, it meant that they could not actually communicate with him face to face. Afterward, Hwan Ki approaches Ro Woon, saying “Are you still not settled with Woo Il?” He must be more like jealous than he is concerned with his sister.

Then the staff is seen having fun in the seawater. One of his staff fell into the water and he helps him out of the water. Then Ro Woon is seen taking out a leaf from Hwan Ki’s hair. In the background, his voice is heard saying “My camera. Have you seen it?” He is specially concerned if she saw the pictures on it. Perhaps Ro Woon is in those pictures that he took some time ago.

Introverted Boss episode 7 also shows Hwan Ki carrying Ro Woon on his back. It seems that she is trying to reach out at a tree branch. Perhaps her bag that is taken a monkey is up there and they’re trying to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, Woo Il’s voice is also heard in My Shy Boss episode 7 promo. He said that “If he looks like he has a lot in his mind, he needs time and space alone to sort it out.” Also, the promo shows Ro Woon helping Hwan Ki get into the room and they both lay down in the bed, face to face. That is when Woo Il’s voice in the background said, “That’s when Hwan Ki comes to you.”

Clearly, the next episode will show some funny and sweet scenes between Ro Woon and Hwan Ki. These will make them get closer to each other.

Introverted Boss airs every Monday and Tuesday on tvN at 11 p.m. Episode 7 will air on Feb 13.

Photo source: Facebook/Introverted Boss

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