Missing 9 Episode 8 Spoiler, Prediction: Joon Oh Accused for So Hee’s Death; New Revelations About Joon Oh?

In Missing 9 episode 8, the drama will take a different turn. In episode 7, Joon Oh (Jung Kyung Ho) is accused by his former bandmate Tae Ho (Choi Tae Joon) as So Hee’s killer. This is what he conveyed during the press conference held by the Head of the Special Investigation Commission, Jo Hee Kyung.

Meanwhile, Missing 9 episode 8 promo teases So Hee’s brother asking Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee) if he could trust her. They are talking at a parking lot. Perhaps prosecutor Tae Yeong (Yang Dong Geun) is confused of the other survivor’s statement. As it is, Tae Ho is a very popular artist of Legend Entertainment. Could it be that he wants to be assured of Bong Hee’s statement with regard to his sister’s murder?

Then the promo also shows Joon Oh talking with Report Kim, who was about to be killed by Tae Ho in episode 7. The latter said to him, “I came here to help you, but I got help from you instead.” Joon Oh then asked, “What do you mean you came to help me?” This might refer to the suicide of the band’s composer Shin Jae Hyun a few years back. As shown in the previous episode, the reporter got some pictures of So Hee and the composer who were in a secret relationship.

Perhaps, the reporter was not truly on board the plane when it crashed. He could have perhaps traced the survivors just to get a story. Otherwise, he could just be there tailing them to eventually reveal the truth about Jae Hyun’s murder, if it wasn’t truly suicide.

Afterward, Missing 9 episode 8 promo shows Joon Oh and Tae Ho face to face. In the background, Hee Kyung’s voice is heard saying, “Whose statement is true, Bong Hee’s or Tae Ho’s?”

Later on, Joon Oh is seen looking for something. Perhaps he is trying to get some evidence that the reporter might have and wants to give it to him. This would free him from guilt that the composer committed suicide because of what he said before in rage. Could it be Tae Ho who killed Jae Hyun, after all?

Bong Hee is then seen comforting Joon Oh. She said that they are going to find out the truth no matter what. It must be about So Hee’s death, as well as Jae Hyun’s.

More of Missing 9 episode 8 promo depicts Tae Ho telling Bong Hee not to look for Joon Oh as he is dead. He advises her to just try save herself. With this, she slaps him in the face.

Later, Reporter Kim’s (most probably) says that someone visited Jae Hyun’s house before his death. The latter was truly surprised to see his unexpected guest. Could it be Tae Ho even though the next scene showed Joon Oh?

Before the promo ended, Joon Oh is asking angrily, “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you. Tell me!” Perhaps he is confronting to Tae Ho after he learned something.

Missing 9 airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST. Episode 8 will be aired tonight.

Photo source: Facebook/Missing 9

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