Mariah Carey, James Packer Split: Singer Demands A Mansion?

Mariah Carey was requested out of the house she was sharing with ex fiancee and billionaire James Packer, however, she is staying put as she is demanding that he buy her an L.A. mansion as part of a settlement in what has turned into a dreadful separation, according to sources associated with Mariah.

Sources claim that Carey does not blame Packer for the split. She is pointing her finger on well known previous Scientology member Tommy Davis, who worked closely with Tom Cruise until Davis broke from and left the organization.

Mariah Carey trusts Davis had an extraordinary impact on Packer, whom they say has not been himself since hearing from Davis. Sources close to Carey further added that the singer trusts that Davis harmed the relationship, whining to Packer that he was spending an over the top sum on extravagant presents for her.

Different sources tells that Packer has acquired Davis to somewhat control inefficient spending, and he instantly ID’d endowments to Carey as prime cases. Also, Davis assumed a similar role as chief of staff for Tom Barrack’s private equity firm, Colony Capital. This circumstance turned into an exceptionally disagreeable thing among Davis and Carey’s administrator, Stella, who supervised Carey’s spending.

One source brought up that Mariah Carey has a multi million dollar home in New York.

As reported, Carey said peace out after an affirmed episode on a yacht in Greece among Packer and her aide. Sources say that when she returned, she was requested out of their Beverly Hills home, however, she cannot.

Mariah Carey is demanding $50 million from Packer, partly because she uprooted her family to be with him in L.A. and partly because the breakup left her so distraught she had to cancel a leg of her tour, TMZ reports.

The report also added that a portion of Carey’s request is that Packer buy her a home in L.A.

Furthermore, sources say that Packer is expected to respond to Mariah Carey’s demand on Monday.

Photo: Facebook/MariahCarey