Man to Man Episode 11, Episode 12 Spoiler, Theory: Park Hae Jin’s Seol Woo Gets Engaged with Do Ha, on Mission to Russia?

The Man to Man episode teaser shows Park Hae Jin’s (Cheese in the Trap) character Seol Woo to get engaged with Do Ha (Kim Min Jung) by giving her a ring. After this, he is going to pursue the mission in Russia.

In the teaser, Seol Woo gives Do Ha a ring. He says, “A lovers tactic should be open.” He is more or less engaged with Do Ha as they have a couple ring. It seems that Do Ha is so into this act. But somehow, her feelings for him still prevail. So do his feelings for her, even though he does not want to admit these.

Afterward, Woon Gwang (Park Sung Woong) is heard in the background asking if his brother (ghost Agent K) can pull this mission off. It seems that he is worried that he is alone in this mission. After all, there are a lot of bad guys after them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mo seems to have join forces with Mr. Jang now. The latter could have made up his mind in aligning himself with Songsan for the meantime. This is to save NIS and his people. They are seen together with Mr. Mo’s bodyguards. Clearly, Mr. Jang is just biding his time until all the wood carvings are into the hands of Agent K.

However, the teaser later on shows Mr. Mo having one of the wood carvings. It is highly likely that it is the third one that Agent K needs to have to complete the mission. It seems that he got it before Agent K could have it.

On the other hand, it seems that K faces a Russian man. He might be the one who has the wood carving originally, before it fell into the hands of Mr. Mo. Afterward, Agent K is talking to a priest who seems to know the deceased Agent Y.

As the teaser ends, it shows Mr. Mo and then Agent K. In the background, the former wonders if he and the ghost agent are on the same side after all. It will be interesting how the story unfolds slowly as episode 15 and episode 16 will air next week.

Watch Man to Man episodes every Friday and Saturday on JTBC. Episode 11 will be aired on May 26 and episode 12 on May 27.

Photo source: Facebook/Man to Man

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