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The OCN drama – Longing Heart – based on a webcomic released in 2015 has touched the hearts of its viewers. It is a fantasy K-drama, which tells a story of Kang Shin Woo (Lee Jung Shin). He still cannot forget his very first love, Han Ji Soo (Lee Yeol Eum). Even after 10 years, he is still in love with her.

He incidentally got back in time after he fell over the Firefly Bridge. He went there after he discovered his first love’s note. It was inserted in a book. When he woke up, he found himself in the past, the time when he was still in high school. It was also the time when his mother was still alive.

There, he tried to change his history. He tried to convince his younger self (Seo Ji Hoon) to confess to the girl he loved and he tried to save his mother from death. Nonetheless, these did not happen.

Although he was able to change other circumstances, like making his friend and teacher fall in love, the story is interesting in itself. Revolving around the three characters – the older Shin Woo, the younger Shin Woo and Han Ji Soo – the plot of time travel to redo history is just unique.

This is in the sense that older Shin Woo and younger Shin Woo both retain the memories they have experienced. This is despite which timeline they are in. It turned out to be a jumbled set of memories for the older Shin Woo. Also, Han Ji Soo did not fall for anyone else but only with the same person (who is in a different timeline).

Longing Heart (a.k.a. My First Love) is unlike other plot lines of time travel that when a protagonist wants to change something, there is another setback in the future. There were no negative ripples or effects that happened. Instead, the story is even more driven to the happiness of all the characters.


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