The Liar and His Lover Episode 7 Spoiler, Theory: Han Gyeol Supports So Rim While Big Bosses are Fighting Over her

The Liar and His Lover episode 7 teaser shows So Rim (Joy) on the stage to perform for the TV show. Han Gyeol (Lee Hyun Woo) will only care of her debut while the big bosses fight over her.

In the episode teaser, it shows that Miss Yoo wants only So Rim. She asks Mr. Choi that he gives So Rim to her. However, he cares about So Rim’s debut. Therefore, he throws the question if she is going to help the trainee’s debut. With this, Miss Yoo just softly chuckled. Whether or not she would support So Rim’s debut, it seems that she will do so. But this seems to also require another sacrifice for Mr. Choi. Perhaps it will be about Han Gyeol. Or, it could cost Mr. Choi his girlfriend Yoo Na.

Meanwhile, So Rim confronts Han Gyeol if his new song for her talks about his feelings. She wants to be reassured that what they have between them is real. With this, she has to decide whether or not she is going to sing his song for her.

Later on as the teaser continues, Crude Play is at a press conference. They are questioned about their playing their own instruments in their comeback album. It seems that the press is already tipped off or that it has discovered that Crude Play members had not been playing themselves in their previous album. It could be because of their uploaded videos.

One of the members says that they have to stop what they are doing. Perhaps he means about their uploading anonymously of their videos to show their real selves. However, this might already get them in trouble as the press seems to sniff that Crude Play does not play the instruments that well.

On the other hand, Chan Young (Lee Seo Won) tells So Rim that “A substitute is always a substitute.” It is clear right from the very beginning that he hated to be Han Gyeol’s substitute as a member of Crude Play. He adds that he wants somebody to trust him with his music. He tells her that he hopes it is her.

Then Han Gyeol is seen recording. In the background, he says that he does not care about other people. He only cares for one person and that person must sing his song. Afterward, as the episode teaser closes, he meets with So Rim who is smiling to him. It seems that the two of them have made up. Does this mean that So Rim has decided to sing his song in the end? Or, is it just that she is has forgiven him after all the lies he told her?

The Liar and His Lover airs on Monday and Tuesday at 11 p.m. KST. Episode 7 will air on April 10.

Photo source: Facebook/The Liar and His Lover

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