The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 16 Recap: Heo Joon Jae and his Mother’s Reunion; Heo Joon Jae Tries to Kidnap his Father

In The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 16, it started off where it left off in episode 15. Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) finally met his mother.

Heo Joon Jae’s mother kept saying she was sorry for leaving him. However, he told her not to. They talked for a little while about what happened to them in the previous years. His mother was happy to know that he was doing well even though she was not with him. Then, they celebrated Shim Chung’s (Jun Ji-Hyun) birthday.

Afterwards, while Tae Oh sent little Yoo Na home, the four of them — Heo Joon Jae, his mother, his hyung and Shim Chung — talked about Kang Ji Hyun, his stepmother. They discovered through her the identity of her childhood friend, who is now the wife of his father.

Outside his house, Cha Si Ah met Tae Oh and invited him to drink with him instead. She told him the truth about Heo Joon Jae’s mother and how she treated her not knowing she was Heo Joon Jae’s missing mother. She also told Tae Oh to sort his feelings for her, which he said that he did after walking her home.

Heo Joon Jae reported to the detective what he discovered about his stepmother. And he planned on getting the evidence so that the police could get a warrant of arrest.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the driver of Heo Joon Jae’s father was not dead but in coma. He had his memories in the past playing while he is in coma. It showed there the past selves of Chi Hyeon and Joon Jae’s hyung, who were after him.

As mother and son, Heo Joon Jae’s stepmother and stepbrother, were having a conversation, it showed that he did not want to have anything to do with Ma Dae Young. He was obviously ashamed to have that kind of person as his father. His mother also relayed to him her past, just to get where they are now and to live with power and money, which was all for him.

On the other hand, Shim Chung got a pair of shoes, a pink octopus stuffed toy and flowers from Heo Joon Jae. His mother slept with Shim Chung upstairs. However, she went down to have a proper birthday kiss from Heo Joon Jae.

His mother went back to her employer’s house and she treated her real good. And she would help her getting back at her ex-husband’s second wife, to lure her out of the house.

Heo Joon Jae also asked his stepbrother the whereabouts of his father. But the police confirmed that his father never got out of the country. Therefore, he made a plan to get into his father’s house. He contacted his con friend, who in turn let Shim Chung help them by inviting Chi Hyeon to dinner.

However, when the con team was in his father’s home, the maid called Chi Hyeon when she heard strange noises and calling of “father” upstairs. He then instructed the maid to let him know what was going on next, not to let his father out and to call the police.

The father and son then had a conversation slash confrontation. But Heo Joon Jae’s father won’t come with him when he told him they were going out of that house. His father said that he conned people, like Chi Hyeon said to him earlier.

Back to Shim Chung, Chi Hyeon just left her in parking lot while Ma Dae Young appeared and was after her. She ran up to the rooftop and she held his hand, trying to erase his memories. But she found out the tragic end of the mermaid and the magistrate in the past. She was then upset of what she learnt — that Heo Joon Jae lied to her, again.

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