Journey to the Land of Magic

Below is a fragment from my eBook: “Journey to the Land of Magic”. You can find my fantasy novels on Digital World.

Elise Helmrick thinks she is just like any other normal teenagers until she is nearing her sixteenth birthday. She is gradually very interested in Ancient Egypt history books and movies and later on, she begins to see symbols (hieroglyphs), faces and other things in her mind’s eye. She tries to ignore these by thinking these are just the result of her hectic activities as their finals are coming up fast. Not to mention, she is one of the best members of their Belmont High School Braves cheer leading team.

She has a temperamental and over-protective brother, Eric, who happens to have a crush on her Hispanic close friend and team captain of the cheer leading team, Diana Gomez. He has a best friend named Kent Thompson, the richest guy in Belmont and the quarterback of the varsity football team who also happens to be interested in her. His brother hinted it to her and later on, Diana did as well by admitting she secretly gave a photo of hers to Kent as keepsake.

The Helmrick family goes to camp on Belmont Mound together with Kent and Diana after the summer camp. The night they arrived there, Elise has the urge to go see “The Devil’s Dining Table” where she saw aura colors around it and proves to be the portal going to Ancient Egypt in 3100B.C. The four of them are sucked in and they fall right on the floor inside the temple of witch priestess, Nehes of Lower Egypt. She immediately wanted the foreigners to be taken away as prisoners but the guys fight against the guards and lead the girls to escape from the temple. They meet the Medjay who helps them fight the priestess and some more soldiers that chase the foreigners.

The chasing went on and on from city to city of Lower Egypt, where the four of them retreat together with the Medjay and barely escape from the witch priestess. This time, she asks help from General Meru, her lover and nephew of the Cobra King.

Then the four foreigners meet a pygmy named Zadi, who is a favorite of a governor in one of Lower Egypt’s cities. She is a shaman, magician and entertainer. She helps them escape from the soldiers and hides them under the governor’s roof. She initiates the four foreigners who have potential powers. She enhances them and gives herself as the fountain of their powers. She initiates the Medjay as Elise’s guardian, Kent and Eric as her protectors and executioners and Diana as her priestess. She breaks the news to Elise that she is the elite seer that their Scorpion King has been waiting for. She tells Elise that her third eye, once unleashed, is the most powerful.

The five of them later on try their best to practice their powers one by one. Elise though tries to suppress her third eye, not knowing that by doing so proves that she is truly powerful, as she can move things and becomes the fountain of powers to her four companions. Diana is able to conjure two cudgels to attack enemies; Kent can move so fast, can spit fire and owns an invisible sword; and, Eric can move so fast too, can elongate his nails as weapon and has a body shield that he can use whenever he needs it.

In the ninth district, Elise and the rest join the Scorpion King with his army at last – who is waiting for them to fight against the Nubians from the south and Lower Egypt from the north. The Medjay defeated General Meru; Kent executed the Nubian ruler, a number of Nubian warriors and Lower Egypt soldiers; Eric executed the sorcerer priests, Diana killed the “shrieking priestess”; Elise unleashes her red third eye this time and defeated Priestess Nehes at last by casting her into the underworld, to the Lake of Fire and the third eye sucks it afterward; and finally, the Scorpion King executed Cobra King by hitting him with a mace.

After the battle, the high priestess of Upper Egypt reveals to Elise that she is a distant relative of hers, a descendant and that she has been chosen to be the elite seer to assist the Scorpion King and some others that would need her help and her powers.

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