Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Episode 18 Spoiler, Prediction: Ah Ro Becomes a Wonhwa; Sun Woo is the Rightful Heir to the Throne?

In Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (a.k.a. Hwarang: The Beginning) episode 18, things will get more intense. It will show that Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) has the right to the throne. Meanwhile, Ah Ro (Go Ara) is going to become a Wonhwa.

In episode 17, the Queen Regent ordered for Ah Ro to become a Wonhwa. In the drama Hwarang, this is the precedent of the Hwarang warriors. Therefore, Ah Ro is going to be a lady warrior for Silla who has the fate to die in the end. This is what the Queen Regent hinted.

In Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (a.k.a. Hwarang: The Beginning) episode 18 promo, Sun Woo’s father told him that all the Wonhwa died. Upon hearing this, Sun Woo demanded his father what he should do about it. He obviously does not want Ah Ro to die after becoming a Wonhwa. Perhaps he would just hear what he is going to say about it.

Afterward, King Jinheung (Park Hyung Sik) is seen sitting at the Hwarang classroom with Pa Oh, his bodyguard, looking at him apprehensively. The king might have planned something that has got to do with Ah Ro and his mother.

Then Sun Woo is seen riding a horse with the Queen Regent’s trusted soldier going to tail him. Perhaps he is going to the palace to see Ah Ro and the Queen Regent. With this, the Hwarang Chief’s (Sung Dong-Il) voice is heard in the background, saying “They are not the Hwarang that you think.” He said this to the Queen Regent. As it is, he has the confidence that the Hwarang warriors are united and are going to serve the king well in the future — although they might fight against each other at the moment.

As Hwarang episode 18 promo further showed, Sun Woo is seated with his arm over Han Sung’s (V) shoulders. He said that he will walk with the latter. This made Han Sung surprised with Sun Woo’s words. Then he is seen dancing happily.

On the other hand, Han Sung’s brother Dan Se (Kim Hyun Jun) is seen being threatened by his grandfather. The latter said that if things go wrong, Han Sung will kill himself. However, it might not literally be it. The Seok brothers’ grandfather might have ordered the half-breed grandson to do something for him. With this, Han Sung’s life depends on it. Judging that he loves his younger innocent brother, he would just do whatever it takes to protect him.

Meanwhile, the frenemies Soo Ho (Choi Min Ho) and Ban Ryu (Jo Di Han) are also shown in Hwarang episode 18 promo. Soo Ho held him by the collar. The latter asks if Soo Ho is worried about him. Whether Soo Ho will subtly or honestly reply to this, it remains to be seen.

Then Ah Ro is seen dressed by the maids with a new set of clothing. This is perhaps her reality now as a Wonhwa. This might be the reason that Sun Woo is riding a horse earlier in the promo.

Just as the teaser is about to close, Master Ahn Jin is seen talking to the Queen. He said that her son might just not be able to take the throne. He seems to refer to Sun Woo or Moo Myung as the real heir to the throne and not King Jinheung, her son. The Queen Regent is shocked by this revelation.

With this, Sun Woo and his father are seen as well. This gives the hint that the latter is about to tell him the truth of his real identity. He is the cousin of King Jinheung and he is the rightful King of Silla. Hwarang episode 18 promo ended with Sun Woo’s shocked face as well.

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Photo source: Facebook/Hwarang


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