How To Build Muscle Fast

We all want to learn how to build muscle fast. We want to master the secrets of muscle growth. Who doesn’t want to look like movie stars and super heroes? And we want it now!

Fortunately, there is no shortage of muscle gainer supplements. products, and fitness magazines promising us those results in just weeks or months. But we still need to put in dedication, discipline, effort, energy and time.

How can we get there? For most folks it would require both an increase in muscle mass and a loss of fat to get to the superhero version of themselves. Experts recommend it usually to first start with melting the fat before we focus on some muscle growth methods. Today’s post will focus on how to build muscle. If you are a guy looking to bulk up, then keep reading.

I’ll address today some of the most common questions covering muscle growth:

Can I gain muscle fast if I’m new to training?
How fast can I gain muscle?

What about newbie’ gains?

Maybe you are familiar with stories of folks who have gained 20 pounds of muscle in one month. Well, let me tel you something. Don’t believe those stories, they aren’t real. However, if you’re really young, skinny, eating well, and training hard, you can achieve results as a newbie very quickly. Of course, it also helps if you are naturally gifted with the right genes to building muscle easily and fast.

In the first year of true strength training it is possible to gain 15-20 pounds of muscle if you work with intense focus and dedication. You can drastically change your appearance if you also combine that with 15-20 pounds of fat gain and if you started out very skinny. Another thing is that, if you are eating right and you are new to strength training, you’ll not only build on muscle, but you’ll also achieve some impressive gains in your strength training.

Of course, I can’t predict how much muscle growth you’ll achieve in your first year. But I can be certain that, if you are training right, it can be pretty impressive. Muscle growth might be a bit slower than you want. But don’t give up! Something different may happen along the way. You’ll start to enjoy the idea of building strength along with building muscle. You may even get hooked on your strength progress. In fact, strength training is among the best things you can do for yourself.

So, how to gain muscle? If you are growing, young, and brand new to strength training, you’ll certainly be able to gain muscle at a decent speed. But your goal should be to do it in a sustainable way. Set proper expectations so you won’t get discouraged  in case that you experience slower progress. Instead get excited and encouraged with any kind of progress. It’s fun to get strong! When you stop trying to build muscle mass quickly is when you’ll start to achieve sustainable and permanent progress.

How fast can you build muscle?

You can expect under optimal condition to gain around one or two pounds of muscle each month. Optimal conditions mean that you are properly training for muscle growth and eating the right kind and the right amount of food. It’s necessary to sleep properly as well. You also need to find the right balance between not eating too much to put on fat and eating enough to build muscle.

Taking all this into consideration, you can certainly build muscle, but don’t expect it to be the crazy amount you read about in ads or magazines. If you had your dreams of looking like the dudes in the fitness ads you see, don’t expect to do get there in 90 days with just a few proteins shakes and a several days of training. Remember, a reasonable expectation is to gain under optimal conditions around one o two pounds of muscle per month. Noob gains are the one possible exception to gaining muscle and strength fast.

How to build muscle?

Here is some advice and tips to fast muscle growth:

  • Sleep as much as you can.
  • Take time to recover after your training sessions.
  • Lift heavy things and get to progressively lift even heavier things.
  • Include in your workout routines some deadlifts, squats and compound movements. These exercises are good triggers that target the muscle building in your entire body.
  • Especially on your training days, eat more calories. Add plenty of vegetables, carbs and protein to your meals.
  • Repeat month after month.
  • Cut back on carbs and calories on non training days if you put on too much fat.

You can pack on muscle size even by doing only doing bodyweight exercises. For instance, gymnasts mostly train only with bodyweight movements. However, this can be done, but it can be challenging. If your goal is to growth muscle as fast as possible, using a barbell for deadlift and squats is almost a requirement.

You also need to be aware of the fact that our genetics are an important factor. For some people muscle growth is easy and fast, but some people rather put on fat easily. There are also some naturally thin people who will struggle to put on both. That all depends on your genetics!


Don’t worry! We all can look like superheroes, if we train hard enough. After all, there are dozens of stories to prove it. Just have patience and be persistent with your workouts. Remember that muscle growth is going to take some time. Have the right game plan to achieve your goal. You can also use natural bodybuilding supplements to speed up the process. The best muscle gainer is a testosterone booster such as TestRX that I already covered before.

What do you want to know about building muscle and strength? Leave questions in the comments!

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Mike Thomson

I'm interested in bodybuilding, martial arts, and Korean pop. I also enjoy tech gadgets, following the latest fashion trends, traveling and playing video games.

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