Christmas Holiday Spirit in Piatra Neamț, Romania

Christmas holiday spirit in Piatra Neamț, Romania, is not only in the air but in the entire city. This season brings joy to everyone — well, if The Grinch is not included.

It was a cold 0 degree Celsius but it did not stop me from going around Piatra Neamț Park at night and see the beautiful Christmas lights.


Photo below shows the skating rink specially made for this Christmas holiday season for kids and adults alike, to enjoy. Even though with the cold temperature and cold air blowing, nothing could stop the people from enjoying this Christmas holiday spirit.


The picture below can be see right in front of Piatra Neamț park. It sits in front of the parking lot.


More pine trees and other plants are decorated with Christmas lights, which add to the beauty of the winter season’s Christmas holiday spirit.


Food stalls are open for the visitors.


A pint tree decorated with Christmas lights near the skating rink.


Since it was still early in the cold winter night, only a few people were bustling around Piatra Neamț park.


Also, photos below show the park during daytime, without Christmas lights on yet.

carnival park piatra-neamt-park-day polar-bear skating-rink

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Amber McLean

Amber McLean

I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.
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Amber McLean

I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.