Goblin Episode 1 Recap, Review: Kim Shin Meets his Goblin Bride

The Train to Busan fame, Gong Yoo, is now back with another amazing character to portray. However, this time, he is not playing the human-turned-zombie role but rather a goblin. The new Korean TV series is called Goblin or also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Gong Yoo plays the character Kim Shin who had lived since the Goryeo dynasty. He was labeled as a traitor or a rebel merely because he was protected by his divinity. His family was ordered to be killed. His right-hand man was forced to kill him, as per his request, and the former was killed by the king’s soldier.

He was filled with anger toward the injustice that his people suffered. With this, he turned into a goblin who could live forever until the sword that was buried in his heart will be taken away by his goblin bride.

Living through centuries, he saved a dead woman who carried a baby, as he heard her prayer to be saved. The baby was then marked as the goblin bride, without his knowledge.

Fast forward, Ji Eun Tak’s mother died in an accident on her very ninth birthday. She met the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wok) as the latter looked for her mother’s soul. At the time, her mother talked to the old lady that once advised her to ask to a deity if she so desired it sincerely.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) was advised by the old lady to go with her mother’s sister’s finally so that the Grim Reaper could not trace her. So she lived with them but with difficulty as they treated her badly.

That was when she sincerely prayed that she could get away from her aunt’s family, have a job and have a boyfriend. Mysteriously, Kim Shin appeared and they had a conversation. From then on, she called him unknowingly and he just appeared wherever she was.

Lastly, Kim Shin denied that he was a goblin and that she was the goblin’s bride. It was because he didn’t hear what he wanted to hear from her to prove that she was indeed his bride. He then walked away. However, he was amazed that she was able to follow him through the door that led to Canada.

Goblin episode 1 garnered a 6.322 percent rating nationwide, according to AGB Nielsen. On the other hand, TNmS Ratings released that it gathered 6.7 percent.

Goblin or Guardian: The Lonely and Great God airs every Friday and Saturday on tvN.

Photo source: YouTube/Goblin


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