Fight for My Way Episode 5 Spoiler, Theory: Dong Man to Start Joining MMA; Ae Ra Forced to Quit her Job?

In Fight for My Way episode 5, Park Seo Joon’s (Hwarang actor) character Dong Man finally joins the world of mixed martial arts. On the other hand, Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) is going to be forced to quit her job.

In the teaser, Dong Man is going to sign a contract. He is going to debut soon. This surprises him as well as his coach. Afterward, he is seen in the ring. He has a fight with his coach, as the latter says he cannot fight. It seems that he does not want Dong Man to get into the ring right away, without proper training. After all, Dong Man has not practiced for a decade.

Next, Ae Ra is seen shouting at Dong Man. She says, “Dong Man, I know why you’re doing this.” She is scolding him for doing what he wants. Then she also scolds his coach, who denies that he is putting up Dong Man to do it.

At work, Ae Ra is being scolded by a customer. The latter says that the employees should be trained properly. With this, Dong Man is present at the time. He looks angry for having Ae Ra insulted. He says that she quits as of that moment. In the background, it seems it is his friend who told him that he has no right to do it to her, making her quit.

Meanwhile, in theory, episode 5 will start right where it ended in episode 4. Ae Ra is going to face and give Dong Man a piece of her mind regarding his ex-girlfriend. As it is, he is like someone that his ex could just fall back whenever she wants. However, it will be different this time because he starts to have feelings for his friend.

Watch Fight for My Way every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on KBS2. Episode 5 will be aired on June 5.

Photo source: Facebook/Fight for My Way


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