Fight for My Way Episode 3 Spoiler, Theory: Park Seo Joon’s Dong Man Decides to Enter Mixed Martial Arts; Ae Ra Pursues her Dream

In Fight for My Way episode 3, Park Seo Joon’s (Hwarang actor) character Dong Man decides to enter the world of mixed martial arts. On the other hand, Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) seems to continue to pursue her dream as an announcer.

In the episode teaser, Ae Ra is happy to see a microphone before her. She says to her best friend Dong Man, “People have to do what they want in life.” It seems that she has decided to pursue her ultimate dream an announcer/anchorwoman. Maybe she has found a way to do what she wants now.

In an answer, Dong Man tells her, “Are you happy you got to do what you wanted?” Then he is seen in the gym, approaching her coach. He says, “If I do mixed martial arts, can I make a lot of money?” Apparently, he needs some money. It might be for his family or for Ae Ra.

However, his coach seems angry with his mindset. He says, “If you want to make money, stay away from here.” Clearly, his coach just wants him to be an athlete in his soul and not tainted by making money using his talent. With this, Dong Man might just reflect on this before he will get back in the ring.

Later on, the teaser shows Ae Ra walking on the street. In the background, she says, “I made myself clear. I said I’d kill you if ever I saw you again.” She must refer this to the man that Dong Man just beat earlier in the previous episode. It seems that somebody is stalking her. It could one of those three men who had a bet on her.

As the episode teaser closes, she runs away. The man who is following her also runs after her.

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Photo source: Facebook/Fight for My Way


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