Fight for My Way Episode 9 Spoiler, Theory: Dong Man Wants to Gift Ae Ra; Hye Ran Annoys Ae Ra

In Fight for My Way episode 9, Park Seo Joon’s (Hwarang actor) character Dong Man thinks of something of buy for Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won). On the other hand, his ex is annoying Ae Ra everytime they see each other.

In the last episode, Dong Man approached Ae Ra after he won in his fight. Ae Ra cried and he tried to console her.

In the next episode, he might just escort her out. Meanwhile, Hye Ran will be pissed at this scene. She is going to be humiliated as Dong Man ignores her.

In the teaser, Dong Man is mumbling to himself. He is wondering what gift he could buy for Ae Ra. Later on, their friend asks if he has something for Ae Ra. But she hits him in the head while saying, “Did anyone ask you to buy me something?”

Afterward, he talks with someone. “Super Special Rookie?” he asks. The other answers it is because he knows how strong his fists are. Then he asks how Ae Ra is doing this days.

Then Dong Man holds Ae Ra’s hand going downstairs stealthily. It seems that they both evade their other two friends after getting together on the rooftop.

Next, Ae Ra is seen walking ahead of Hye Ran when the latter addresses her. She says, “Do you think you are going to make it?” But Ae Ra answers, “Looking at you, I think I’m going to make it.” The other replies, “You want to go against me, your role model? You need to get a job first before speaking.” With this, Ae Ra says, “Let’s compete properly for once. You just wait.”

Obviously, Hye Ran is gloating, getting back at Ae Ra. It is perhaps because of her humiliation at Dong Man’s fight, not to mention their past mutual dislike for each other.

Watch Fight for My Way every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on KBS2. Episode 9 will be aired tonight, June 19.

Photo source: Facebook/Fight for My Way


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