Fight for My Way Episode 7 Spoiler, Theory: Ae Ra has a New Boyfriend; Dong Man Gets Jealous

In Fight for My Way episode 7, Park Seo Joon’s (Hwarang actor) character Dong Man will get jealous. This is because Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) has a new boyfriend now.

The next episode will show a complicated relationship between best friends Dong Man and Ae Ra. Because of some circumstances, she will be forced to move on with her life.

In the opening of the teaser, the gym is going to face a problem. Dong Man’s coach tells someone “How is it possible to empty the gym at the end of next month?” It seems that Tak Su is behind this problem they are facing now. As it is, he is not going to let Dong Man get into the MMA arena. He is afraid to face Dong Man although he is so arrogant that the latter cannot beat him.

Then one of Dong Man’s co-fighters confronts him. “How can our coach take care of you when he is having a hard time taking care of you?” It is clear that Dong Man is subtly being kicked out and even blamed for his defeat in his debut fight. His colleague is envious as well because the coach pays more attention to Dong Man than to others.

The next scene shows the secret office lovers. Joo Man’s girlfriend gets close to him at the company premises. He faces her and gets mad at her. He says that he cannot concentrate on his work because of her. But she says that there is no reason to be afraid to tell everyone that they are dating. Whether or not Joo Man’s reason is that he is ashamed of her for being his girlfriend still remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Dong Man and his ex are standing on the street. Moo Bin’s car stops. His ex comments that it is good Ae Ra is “dating a man.” Then he tells her, “Do you think Ae Ra is like you?” Then he fusses, “This guy is doing too much.” as he watches Moo Bin taking care of Ae Ra. He then tells Moo Bin to move his car. The latter answers, “Ae Ra already warned you not to be too much. I am her official boyfriend.”

However, Dong Man does not believe him. He says, “Are you being funny?” But Ae Ra steps in to defend Moo Bin. “Why are you so rude to Moo Bin?” she asks. It seems that she is going to play along since Dong Man’s ex is there.

Watch Fight for My Way every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on KBS2. Episode 7 will be aired tomorrow, June 12.

Photo source: Facebook/Fight for My Way


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