Defendant Episode11 Spoiler, Prediction: Ji Sung’s Jeong Woo Reunites with Daughter Ha Yeon?

In Defendant episode 11, Jeong Woo (Ji Sung) is reunited with his daughter Ha Yeon (Shin Rin Ah). However, he might be taken back to the prison once again.

In episode 11 of Defendant, even though Jeong Woo is able to see his daughter safe but in a hospital, he is still not going to be a free man. In fact, Cha Min Ho (Um Ki Joon) has his men searched for the ex-prosecutor all over the hospital. So are the jail guards. In the meantime, he may or may not be able to talk to his daughter. The latter is suffering from pneumonia as revealed in episode 10 of the K-drama.

As for Jeong Woo’s lawyer Eun Hye (Kwon Yu Ri), she would go back to the hospital for Jeong Woo and his daughter. In the previous episode, she got a call from him. She told him that his daughter is in the hospital. Therefore, she would see to it that nothing would happen to both of them.

As for Cha Min Ho who is coming to the hospital after wounding his own hand will ensure that Jeong Woo won’t be able to escape. Because the ex-prosecutor is wounded, he might not be able to escape altogether. Sung Kyu (Kim Min Seok), on the other hand, might or might not come back to the hospital for Ha Yeon. As it is, he even planned on letting her go to the police. As of now, he is also on the run from Cha Min Ho and his men.

Meanwhile, Tae Soo would believe now that Ha Yeon is still alive. Somehow, he would learn this fact from the lawyer or he might see her in person. This would, in turn, make him doubt that Jeong Woo is truly a murderer of his sister.

All this and more may be seen in the next episode of the K-drama. Defendant airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. Episode 11 will be aired on Feb. 27.

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